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Wooden Warriors is a taught, erotic, supernatural thriller based on ancient Native American folklore. Deputy Sheriff Jon Wolfe, a Native American, must choose between resurrecting the strength of his tribe, and saving the people of Wyland.

The Terra-Cotta Army protects the tomb of China's first emperor.

Repp is married with 2 sons. His first published novel, The Snake Charmer is available at bookstores and web sites worldwide. At last a Native American hero that is not only believable, but downright dreamy! I don't usually read "creepy", but the author is a great story teller. The book sticks with you for a long, long while Convert currency. Add to Basket.

Book Description RepProductions, An archaeologist working on the site told the Chinese press that the chamber may have been built for the soul of the emperor. Experimental pits dug around the tomb have revealed dancers, musicians, and acrobats full of life and caught in mid-performance, a sharp contrast to the military poses of the famous terra-cotta soldiers. Read more about the complicated history surrounding the burial complex and see a map of the tomb. Photograph by O. Louis Mazzatenta, National Geographic. Read Caption. By John Roach. The diggers notified Chinese authorities, who dispatched government archaeologists to the site.

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China's Terra-Cotta Warriors. But further excavations of the tomb itself are on hold, at least for now. Continue Reading. I bet if I am really honest with myself, the amount of time I spend on both the lead and the Craftees is about the same, or maybe the Craftees actually take less time. Constructing the Craftee takes time, but does it take more than removing the flash from a metal or plastic miniature?

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And which of those two tasks is more enjoyable; putting together a Craftee or removing flash? Painting time should pretty much be a wash ouch, that's a really bad pun , but it could easily be the case that the Craftees take less time to paint just because they are simpler. Basing time? No contest. Without flocking, the Craftees take far less time to base than do the lead miniatures. In fact, at least the way that I do them, doing the Craftees takes away my two LEAST favorite activities associated with miniature gaming: removing flash, and dealing with flocking.

I do neither of these activities with Craftees, which means I'm spending nearly all of my time doing something with them that I enjoy.

Dynasty Warriors Unleashed - farming silvers in wooden ox

I don't have the issue that I have with my lead soldiers, which is a large number of guys done and on bases, but not flocked. The line to get texturing and flocking on the bases for my lead miniatures has grown quite large in the last several months, just because I hate doing it. My response: I think a large part of the time savings is due to the nature of what you are building.

Wooden sculptures by Joe Ruck

Some people don't like the term "cartoon-y", but that is the style I feel like I use. At this scale, the more impressionistic the painting, the less time it takes to paint. Abstract out what you don't want. I spent a lot of time on washes in order for the details in the metal 15mm figure to be picked out, such as nostrils on the horse.

Now I paint single quotes to get the same effect. Trust me, proper looking washing takes more time. The same applies to basing.

As you paint a solid color with blotches of other colors for variation, the time is decidedly less. No glues, no mess. I simply paint a single, solid grass color and it looks "appropriate" for a toy soldier. Britains had this glossy green for the base. My 15mm ancients I try to make look like "real" ground.