Twice As Dead (An Odelia Grey Mystery, Book 6)

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Corpse magnet Odelia Grey is at it again—stumbling across a dead body at a wedding reception while "Achy Breaky Heart" plays in the background. Bodies are turning up so fast that Odelia enlists Booby Trap is book four in this award-winning series starring the plus-sized, middle-aged, and whip-smart Odelia Grey.

Could Dr. Brian Eddy, plastic surgeon to the rich and famous, possibly be the With the class bully murdered at her 30th high school reunion and her boss, the annoying Michael Steele, missing, Odelia doesn't know which hole to poke her big nose into first. This decision is made Is the "Holy Pail" cursed? Every owner of the vintage Chappy Wheeler lunchbox—a prototype based on the s TV western—has died. And now Sterling Price, business tycoon and a client of Too big to miss—that's Odelia Grey.

A never-married, middle-aged, plus-sized woman who makes no excuses for her weight, she's not super woman just a mere mortal standing on the precipice of All rights reserved For me, the Hardy Boys and Tom Swift were more about adventure than mystery, so I left those for my brother who read the Hardy Boys for a short period of time. She bought me the first Nancy Drew paperback 57 as well as the first two Hardy Boys paperbacks 59 and I read the two HB books, but was not impressed and didn't buy any more. Still not impressed. I bought the first 21 books of that series, then gave it up.

This time, the Hardy Boys series became the Hardy Boys Adventures which pretty much vilified my belief that they were more about adventure than mystery. So I thought, what the heck, I'd give it another try. This latest book, Tunnel of Secrets , pretty much shows why. Labels: Hardy Boys , mystery , series. Linda Sikorsky solving murders as there was that short novel, Death in the Headlights , that was more focused on Sikorsky than Callahan.

However, I won't hold that against the author, as I've enjoyed the series for the most part. Labels: gay , mystery , series. And speaking of The Dresden Files Since Butcher seems to be taking a rather lengthy break from Dresden while he writes some other novels, I'm thrilled that Dynamite Comics is still putting out mini-series with new original stories, written by Jim Butcher, in conjunction with Mark Powers and very beautifully drawn by Carlos Gomez. As I've read the 15 books in the Dresden Files series, I've created my own images of the characters in my mind.

When Sci-Fi channel put out the Dresden Files television show a few years back starring Paul Blackthorne, who now plays Detective Lance on the CW's Arrow , my mind sort of starting picturing the actors from that show in the roles. Now, though, Carlos Gomez has captured these characters so perfectly, it's easy to see them now as the way he draws them. Dresden, Molly. Even Mouse and Bob. Labels: comic , Dresden Files , short series. First, I did not want to see this series end.

This has been a fun series, and I've enjoyed each book so much more than the last. What started out as just a good ghost hunting team in Ghost of a Chance turned, in the course of six books, into a family of sorts, with a purpose and a mission. From Ghost of a Smile and Ghost of a Dream , to Spirits from Beyond and Voices from Beyond , each subsequent adventure not only put them in more and more dangerous situations, but also knitted the group tighter and revealed more and more of the underlying, continuing drama going on behind the scenes at the Carnacki Institute.

I thought this was going to be another great ongoing series, as well-written as Jim Butcher's Dresden Files series. Labels: Ghost Finders , series , supernatural.

Twice as Dead (Odelia Grey Series #6)

While this blog was mainly meant to focus on the books and graphic novels that I read, occasionally I will post my thoughts on a short-lived comic series that I might read. During the '80s and '90s, there were a number of independent comic book companies that put out titles that were actually very good and a lot of fun, but for various reasons, they just didn't last.

The Liberty Project was an 8-issue comic series published by Eclipse Comics, which ran from There's Cimarron who has super strength; Slick, who has the ability to cause the ground to become so slick no one can stand; Crackshot, a reluctant villain who truly wants to turn his life around - who also happens to be such a sure shot, he never misses; and then there's Burnout, a young girl with a severe attitude problem who can make things blow up.

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The series is written by Kurt Busiek, who, at the time, was not quite as famous as a comic creator as he is today. But the stories are well-written, the characters are definitely developed nicely, and quite frankly the series contains a major element that is missing from most comics being published today - FUN! That's right, these eight issues were a heck of a lot of fun to read.

Sure, the characters are technically criminals, and sure, their first impulse upon joining the Project is to figure out a way to cheat the system and escape. But Busiek is an excellent writer, and he makes you, as the reader, actually care about the characters despite Slick's cockiness and Burnout's constant anger. With each issue, you learn a little bit more about the characters and come to realize there is more to them than their outside appearance may seem to tell. Even their fifth member, Savage who is a teenager who got injected with chemicals that turn him into a beastly ram-type savage has human elements that keep him from becoming completely hateable.

The series had some great moments - from Slick realizing he might actually be able to do the "hero" thing, to Cimarron's team-up with Valkyrie from the Airboy strip, not from Marvel Comics , and ultimately the story in their final issue, which I won't give it away, as it really does have a big impact on the characters. Sadly, there were several unresolved stories that were left hanging when the series ended - from where the characters got their powers which was never explained, but hinted at when some aliens made the comment that, "They don't even realize where their powers come from" to the return of the aliens that they fought and defeated, among others.

The series continued into Total Eclipse , which was a company-wide crossover that combined characters from a number of the company's titles. I haven't been able to find any reference to any appearances by the team after their TeenAgents appearance. Sadly, they don't make comics like this any more. Marvel's Squirrel Girl and DC's Starfire are probably the only two mainstream comics on the market today that come anywhere close.

Yes, I know I'm getting old, when I start saying, "I remember when Labels: comic , Eclipse Comics , Liberty Project , short series , superhero. I won't normally be posting two Dark Shadows audio books right in a row, but my recent trip to Tampa gave me time on the drive there and drive back to listen to two of them, the second being this one - The Last Stop.

Labels: audio , Dark Shadows , gothic.

Hide & snoop : an Odelia Grey mystery / | Woodland Public

This audio book from Big Finish Productions thrilled me for two reasons - one, it was a continuation of Dark Shadows, and that is probably my favorite show of all time; and two, it stars one of my two favorite Doctor Who actors - Arthur Darvill! This story is set 15 years after the s story that aired on television. Tad is grown up now, and his father is out of town with Daphne, leaving Tad by himself at Collinwood. The circus has come to town, and Tad pays a visit - however, he ends up making enemies of the tattooed woman and a clown who is very protective of her.

The story really gets moving when the clown breaks into Collinwood and steals a book of the occult, along with six "wands," as Tad calls them. Of course, those wands turn out to actually be the I-Ching, which anyone who watched the show will recall were used to allow Barnabas, and later Julia, go back into the past. I'll readily admit that I got excited as soon as the I-Ching were mentioned.

Reward Yourself

I've always been a big fan of time travel in stories, so I expected it to occur here. It did not, though - yet, it didn't leave me disappointed. The writers took it in a different direction, and there was a rather unexpected result in the end - very much Dark Shadows-esque.

I just can't get enough of these audio books, and thankfully, Big Finish is continuing to put them out. My love for Dark Shadows stays alive with these books, and it's always so exciting to put each CD in and hear that opening voice over, then the opening credits, and the ending credits when the story finishes.

I'm definitely looking forward to the next one! It's funny. I used to never really like trade paperbacks or graphic novels. I have always been a huge fan of buying and reading the individual comics in series. But, as I'm sure pretty much everyone knows these days, graphic novels, trade paperbacks, and hardcover collections are the "in" thing.

The fact that Barnes and Noble has literally three or more rows of nothing but graphic novels testifies to that. In recent years, however, my mind has slowly been changing. A friend introduced me to The Walking Dead comic by giving me the first two graphic novels to read which collected the first 12 issues of the ongoing comic series. I found that I enjoyed reading the book this way.

Since then, I have purchased a lot more graphic novels, many of them original concepts and stories, some of them collections of ongoing series. Definitely one of my favorites is a relatively new book, Cemetery Girl. Written by two very prolific authors, Christopher Golden and Charlaine Harris, the story centers around a young girl who wakes up in a cemetery with absolutely no memory of who she is or how she came to be there.

She doesn't know who left here there, nor why anyone would want her dead. She adopts the name Calexa Rose Dunhill Dunhill is the name of the cemetery , and she quickly discovers that she has the ability to communicate with and see the spirits of the dead! Labels: Cemetery Girl , comic , graphic novel , mystery. This is the first in a three-book series written by John Henry Cutler. I picked up this book, along with books 2 and 3 in the series, all in dust jacket, while I was in Atlanta last month, and to be honest, the only reason I picked them up was because it was the complete series, the dust jackets while not perfect were beautiful and strong in color, and the final title in the series "Blue Devil" made me laugh, as it is also the name of a DC Comics character from the '80s that I really liked.

So, I finally got around to reading the first book - and while I'm not normally much of a fan of boys' series, as they are usually more about adventure than mystery, I have to admit, I found this book to be rather unique. First, while I am not overly familiar with Whitman books from this era Copyright , I was surprised to see that the dust jacket cover art literally covered the front, spine, and back!

It is a beautiful rendition of a scene from the book when Tom is attempting to rescue his uncle, who was captured by the natives in the Brazilian jungle. It also details a number of jungle animals and plant-life yet, noticeably, fails to render any image of the named "Giant Jungle Ants" from the title of the book. Labels: children , series , Tom Stetson , vintage. Anyone who knows me, knows that I've been reading and collecting Nancy Drew books for years - from the original books dating back to the 30s, to the current series of Nancy Drew Diaries.

While the recent re-boots - the Nancy Drew, Girl Detective series and the Nancy Drew Diaries series - have been less than stellar, I have been trying to give them the benefit of the doubt and hope that each new book that comes out will show improvement in the writing and better mysteries. For Nancy Drew Diaries , however, the series seems to be stuck on one topic - sabotage! And speaking of Hardy Boys, the plot of this book bears an uncanny resemblance to a recent Hardy Boys' title, Deception on the Set.

In that story, a film is being made in the boys' hometown of Bayport, but someone is sabotaging the stunts, trying to shut the film down. In this mystery, a film is being made in Nancy's hometown of River Heights, but someone is sabotaging the shoots, trying to shut the film down. Labels: girl detective , mystery , Nancy Drew , series.

Thursday, October 8, America vs. Have you ever read something in your younger days, thoroughly enjoyed it, thinking it was one of the best stories ever - - then, you re-read it again as an adult and think to yourself, "This isn't nearly as great as I thought it was This trade collects the four-issue mini-series that was published by DC Comics back in , just before the Justice Society was written out of comics via DC's big crisis that year. I have always been a huge fan of the Justice Society, and seeing them in their very own mini-series at that time was a huge deal for me they were already appearing in the on-going series All-Star Squadron , set in World War II, as well as showing up once in a while in Infinity, Inc.

I could not get enough of the JSA. Here is a series that I thoroughly enjoy! There seems to be an influx of children's mystery series from England that are making their way onto shelves here in America, and I, for one, couldn't be more pleased. They are so far well-written and so much fun to read. Lizzie Brown is a young girl in Victorian England who's mother died years ago and whose father was a drunk and thief.

She escapes his abuse by joining Fitzy's Traveling Circus. In the first book, Lizzy discovers she has psychic ability, able to see into people's pasts, as well as their future, just by touching them. She develops some friendships with other children in the circus, and with the help of Lizzy's newfound abilities, they unmask a phantom that has been terrorizing London.

This second book, The Devil's Hound , picks up shortly after the end of the first book. The circus is headed for Kensal Green, a rural area of London, to pitch their tents. As they pass by a large cemetery, the animals begin to react funny. The circus performers believe there is a curse on the cemetery, and that it is haunted by a huge animal referred to as the Devil's Hound.

Lizzie scoffs, as she does not believe in ghosts and the supernatural.