Topics in Nucleic Acid Structure

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Projects The lab's research involves studies on DNA flexibility in cells, artificial gene regulation, aptamers in multiple sclerosis and the biochemistry of human paraganglioma.

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Nucleic Acids - RNA and DNA Structure - Biochemistry

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Learn About Nucleic Acids and Their Function

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Principles of Nucleic Acid Structure

Scientists still debate how much of your personality is even controlled by DNA. Back to the chemistry Five Easy Pieces There are five easy parts of nucleic acids. All nucleic acids are made up of the same building blocks m onomers.

Chemists call the monomers " nucleotides. Uracil is only found in RNA. Just as there are twenty 20 amino acids needed by humans to survive, we also require five 5 nucleotides.

These nucleotides are made of three parts: 1. A five-carbon sugar 2.


A base that has nitrogen N atoms 3. Useful Reference Links. Regulation Organic Chem Enviro-Chem. See the full list of chemistry topics at the site map!

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