The Story of the Scrolls: The miraculous discovery and true significance of the Dead Sea Scrolls

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On the positive side, Allegro would seem to have been motivated by a sincere search for scholarly truth and intellectual honesty, a great enthusiasm for providing the public with reliable information about the scrolls and their implications, and a healthy disregard of theological scruples. But on the less positive side, one sees a consistent pattern of self-promotion and opportunism. Allegro seems to have understood much better than most of his colleagues that they needed to use the media to generate funding for their research; but once he had discovered his own talents as a popularizer, he seems to have gradually fallen prey to the temptations of fame and media attention.

The sacred mushroom book marked the transition from Allegro the respected scholar to Allegro the ridiculed maverick; but unfortunately, the moment his daughter begins discussing it in her 10th chapter, the quality of her narrative begins to decline as well. I had hoped for some historical and biographical contextualization that would help me understand where Allegro got his ideas in the first place, and what inspired him to make such a surprising and risky move.

Scrolling back through the centuries

What was he reading during the s? Was he familiar with authors such as Robert Graves or Gordon Wasson, who were pursuing similar agendas? Did he have any personal relations to people involved in the counterculture and the youth movement of the time? But Brown spends not a word on such questions: it looks as if for her, too, the mushroom book came suddenly and out of the blue. Unfortunately, her analysis of the mushroom book and its argument is not really convincing either. Not that there is any shame in that: in fact The Sacred Mushroom and the Cross is a difficult book, grounded in an enormous apparatus of learned footnotes full of philological and etymological arguments referring to a whole range of ancient languages.

But then again, Allegro himself was not exactly averse to sensationalism either. His daughter's biography leaves me quite convinced about his intellectual integrity and good intentions during the first half of his career, up to and including the mushroom book, but the story ends with a rather painful account of intellectual and moral decline during the last two decades of his life. And they succeed brilliantly: precisely by making him believe they are genuinely interested, they let poor Allegro do all the 3 See for instance the opening chapter of Joscelyn Godwin, The Theosophical Enlightenment, State University of New York Press: Albany Note how, during the course of the interview, they slowly creep up to Allegro from both sides, until the situation gets so claustrofobic that Kees van Kooten suggests they should get a breath of fresh air.

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View Basket Go to Checkout. Religion of Jesus the Jew. A reading of the synoptic gospels primarily addressed to those interested in ancient religions, culture and Judaism. Jesus and His Jewish Context.

A text which acts as a useful introduction for undergraduate students studying historical Jesus modules. New material covered by the book includes: the Jesus Notice of Josephus re-examined; a summary of the law by Flavius Josephus; and the Dead Sea Authentic Gospel of Jesus.

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There can be no doubt that Jesus, 'a religious genius' as Geza Vermes describes him, lived and taught in Palestine some years ago. The influence he has had is incalculable. Jesus the Jew.

Freed from the burden of Christian doctrine or Jewish 'animus', here is a remarkable portrait by a renowned scholar of the NT, Jewish The story of Christ's crucifixion and subsequent resurrection is the rock of faith on which Christianity is founded. But on what evidence is the miraculous phenomenon in religious history based?

Unravelling the meaning conveyed in the Gospels, the By Geza Vermes By Geza Vermes. They were arguing not only over the meaning of those verses, but over their precise wording.

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Each side suspected the other of doctoring manuscripts in order to support its own interpretations. At least until the late 20th century, it was almost impossible for modern scholars to throw any light on the substance of these disputes: in other words, to say which party was correct in its claims as to which wording was the oldest.

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There are clearly some small but significant differences between the Hebrew used by most Jews for at least 1, years or so—the Masoretic text—and the Septuagint, a translation into Greek made for Hellenistic Jews in Egypt about years earlier, using a Hebrew original which has been lost. But nobody could really explain the source of these differences. Was it the case that the translators deliberately set out to mislead, or did later editors alter the Hebrew? Debate about this and many other delicate matters was transformed by the discovery, starting in , of nearly documents, in a series of caves in the desolate landscape east of Jerusalem.