The Lives of Transgender People

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Since the repeal of North Carolina's HB 2 -- the first law to forbid transgender people from using restrooms based on their gender identity -- civil rights groups say lawmakers are attempting new ways to restrict public accommodations access. Two bills introduced in Tennessee would amend the definition of indecent exposure. Right now, Tennessee's definition of indecent exposure does not include offenses in public restrooms, locker rooms or other single-sex facilities designated for multiperson use. In fact, a section of the existing law says a public place does not include "enclosed single sex public restrooms, enclosed single sex functional showers, locker or dressing room facilities" to guard against false accusations that could arise in an environment where people's genitals tend to be visible.

Transgender student athletes in South Dakota could face this restriction. House Bill and Senate Bill would expand the current law to include incidents in such public facilities if the offender "is a member of the opposite sex than the sex designated for use. Moreover, the bills would amend the criminal code to say that a diagnosis of "gender dysphoria, gender confusion, or similar conditions John Ragan, sponsor of HB , said the proposed law simply expands the places where indecent exposure can occur.

It also ensures that gender dysphoria does not have equal footing as an insanity defense for the purpose of defending oneself, he said. Critics of the proposals say they could criminalize transgender people who use public restrooms. That is truly some very strong tenacious virtue signaling, the likes of which are truly incomprehensible. What a fucked up world we inhabit pardon my french. Hormones are some of the cheapest medicines around. It is such an insignificant cost to to taxpayers, especially when you consider how few transpeople there are.

If it helps another citizen even slightly, I would say this is money well spent for the taxpayer. Not much beaurocracy needed either when we fully foot the bill for stuff. I work with military contractors that have blank checks. I have never had issues with paying my taxes until I began having military corporations as customers. So yeah, hormones that run a few cents a dose seem pretty insignificant to the real taxpayer fraud going on.

I get to benefit at least since I sell to them; you just foot the bill. Still upset about the 70 trans people in jail getting hormones? Imagine if we created prisons that incarcerated without adding victimization by others. All crimes that people suffer while in prison on crimes by the state against the person, punishments beyond what the law dictates.

Prisons should learn how to be actually secure facilities instead of allowing the prisoners to control the facilities. Sounds fair. Been tried. The result is inevitably segregation of the other kind, with outliers in both groups. Now the behavior-segregated group has a legitimate grievance of unequal treatment. Even though that is the case and it is a result of personal choices, the optics are bad.

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Most jails just have an honor block, and since the optics of those are bad too, they are on the chopping black I believe. One who is deeply knowledgeable about the costs and logistics of running a state-wide prison system and the political realities of legislative budgets. In the days before technology, you could take a war time Japanese prison camp. I recall an old Antiques Roadshow in which a booklet written by a prisoner was displayed.

To get the paper, he traded cigarettes for the envelopes of letters from home. In order to write, the only time they were not working in the evenings, other prisoners set up watch so he did not get punished and his work confiscated. That is the sort of security you need unless every prisoner is in solitary. It would require the cameras to record behaviour under the table as well as above. If you allow any interpersonal contact, people will be people. I hope he gets someone to screen his reading material to avoid the pain and distress caused by this rather good little essay.

Never been there, but it sounds authentic. In the course of my job I interviewed a rather effeminate ex convict. He had served a long term at Corcharan State prison. He said that he did get raped more than once while in prison, but what was almost as worse was the fear of getting raped. Walking to the dining room, standing in the prison yard, going to the kitchen storeroom, he was always in danger of being raped.

While prison is dangerous to most all convicts, he was in danger not because of something he did, but simply for being who he was. Second these folks are mentally ill, I call them sociopaths. This includes the root of all of this nonsense, homosexuality. Society needs to learn how to say NO again to these people. These folks have always been marginalized for good reason. We are conceived male or female. The condition is permanent, unchangeable.

Nothing in our culture or science will ever change this reality. Share this: Pocket. I'm first says. Peter Tucker says. Dave M says. Peter from Oz says. Jonny Sclerotic says. Stephanie says. Criminals are the last people we should be worried about offending. Jeremy Ashford says. Blackberry Blackberry says. Asenath Waite says. Monte Martinez says. Dave M, This whole sordid mess reminds of the story of the girl that went fishing with 7 guys.

Kevin Herman says. Miss Yellowbird says. Sydney says. I doubt if transcriminals fare badly here at all. Mogden says. David of Kirkland says. CP says. Daniel Genis says. Stephanie, exactly right. Gordon the Gopher says. Ernest DuBrul says. Morgan Foster says. Michael Groetzinger says. Some-woman says. Andrew Scott says. Philip says. Daniel Genis, I must respectfully disagree. Richard says. Canada Dan says. Andy S says. Great insight, nicely written.

What a mixed-salad of a world. Noemi says. Dee Gee says.

Free Thought Lives

Judiasm teaches that you should love everyone, and at my school I was no exception. I was not born in the wrong body, although this rings true for so many other transgeneros. I experience transition as constant. AJ Jardine PhD student. I read brilliant feminist theorists because it gives me hope that one day the world will acknowledge that there is no real 'man' or 'woman. Reid Vanderburgh from Portland, Oregon Writer and teacher. Once my denial was stripped away, however, I allowed my life to change, I allowed myself to finally grow up and become my true self.

Kaylin from Raleigh, N. Some days it felt like my body was becoming increasingly poisoned by my own testosterone. I was feeling more comfortable as I was dressing more masculine which seemed to give me a bit more confidence. Rita Poole Former Navy officer. I have corrected the error that nature had made, but at the same time, I have condemned myself to living alone.

Doug from Sterling, Conn. Chris Ayers from Charlotte, N. Years passed and I met more transgender people, some of whom became best friends. Hallah Sabbath from Shreveport Louisiana, La. Medical technician. Jamie Ewing Defense Contractor. My overall quality of life has significantly improved since I started transitioning. Paula Stone Williams from Lyons, Colo. Pastoral Counselor and Ministry Consultant. I am comfortable in my own skin, as though I have finally come into my self. But the storm of my transition has left a road full of boulders and branches.

Evie Priestman from Arlington, Va. Once I realized that not all "females" are like me I started to second guess myself. Caitlyn Strohmeyer from Erie, Penn. Transgender Activist. I find myself exploring people more fully and more beautifully now that I don't really regard gender or bodies as any sort of label for them.

Lykee from Greensboro, Ga. I felt that by not being out I was not only hurting my self but contributing to a culture of fear. Charlize Katzenbach from Hopewell, N. Artist Farmer. I live my life as the woman i've always been and still do the things i learned to love as a male. Kevin from Ypsilanti, Mich. My cousin had died. Our moms both had to grieve the loss of a child. But, my mom lost a daughter to gain a second son. Jennifer Long Former U.

Soldier Afghanistan, July Dupree from Las Vegas, Nev.


Disabled Veteran. In Basic Training the feminine feelings subsided. Yet when I was assigned to my regular unit, the old feelings came back. Jace from Bronx, N. My story is not a story of 'this to that' it is simply one of me affirming the gender I have always been. Ashley from Melrose, Ma. I've always been trans in some way-- the feelings have just evolved over time as I've grown. Merida Frances Anderson from Exeter, Calif. Distribution Center General Manager. My wife is still strong by my side as is my daughter with both being an amazing support.

Thomas Page from Los Angeles, Calif. I made friends with a lot of the other kids who felt picked on or like outcasts, because I understood how they felt. Nuschler from Honolulu MD. Sabian Mignone from Charleston, S. Retired Logistician now Fashion Blogger. Bryanna A. Jenkins from Baltimore Grad Student. Despite the struggles I face on a daily basis I still choose to fight to have the basic opportunities and advantages that other people take for granted. Charli Swinford from Tucson Activist, writer, performer, eInsurance program coordinator.

Dylan Orr from Seattle First openly transgender person appointed to a U. Presidential Administration. If I could say something to every trans person out there, it is that you are not alone, it is positive if not awesome to be different, and you have mentors and resources please use us! Guinevere de Amblia from Lake Oswego, Ore. President, Globals Stainless Systems Inc. When I attached my first estrogen patch my thoughts started making sense to me almost immediately. Terri Ellen from Lower Alabama, Ala. I love my wife, and I know she loves me.

I don't think she will stay with me if I become a woman. I don't know if I can stay a man. Lisa O'Connor from Bridgewater, N. Embracing my gender variance, I transitioned to female and opened a solo medical practice dedicated to the transgendered community. Jaime Erin Fivecoat from Taylors, S. Benefits Manager. After a bout with cancer I decided I could no longer hide, and the true healing began. Robin Diane Goldstein from Cupertino, Calif. Senior Counsel, Apple Inc. Since initiating transition in , I consider transition the amazing journey of a lifetime, rather than a singular ultimate destination that may some day be reached.

Vandy Beth Glenn from Decatur, Ga.

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Writer and Public Speaker. Almost everyone who gets to know transgender people quickly learns that we're perfectly ordinary.

United States Park Ranger. If you told me I was Transgender 5 years ago, I would have denied it. I had dismissed my feminine yearnings as mere proclivities. Emily Pittman Newberry from Portland, Ore. Writer, performance poet. Sometimes people step up and take big risks for social justice, but there are an infinite number of moments when you can help out in the small ways. I have resisted labeling and being labeled all my life; but if you insist on labeling me, you may say that I am trans-gifted. Darla Rose from Madison, Wis. This is not a choice.

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This is who I am. No one would choose loss, heartbreak, unemployment and being homeless. Now I wake up in the morning and sit on the edge of the bed and look in the mirror. Tiffanie Faith Chezum from Somis, Calif. School Bus Driver Trainer. I buried my secret as deep as I could. I never spoke of it, I never cross dressed, I tried so hard to be him. Victoria Nolan from Yamhill, Ore. Risk and Benefits Manager. There have been times when someone will ask me if I am happy with my "choice" to transition.

I realized that it was finally time to stop wandering down the one path I was walking and move to the path I am destined to finish on. As imperfect as the world is today, as hard as it is to be transgender and live an authentic life, it was much worse, not so long ago. Audrey Brooke from Seattle U. Now though, I'm happily married to a woman who loves both aspects of who I am as a person and loves me. Something I thought I'd never find.

Julie from Halifax, Canada Writer, journalist. One of my undergraduate professors told me to scare myself everyday, because courage is a muscle which needs to be exercised. Rachael Booth from Landaff, N. Retired Senior Computer Scientist. I learned that no matter how bleak the outlook may be, it IS possible to be your true self no matter how many obstacles are in your way. I tried therapy during moments of clarity but, because of my lack of honesty, it never worked. Kara Tucker Writer. I have experienced happiness for the first time in my life. Elissa Levin Davis from Plymouth, Mass. Graphic Designer.

As pained as I am to lose the boy, it lifts my heart so see her smile from the inside out. I love her. Daniel from NJ. Brenden Paradies from Chicago , Ill. Graduate Student. I could not be happier mentally, physically, and socially with the life I live today. Devlyn Readus from Roswell, Ga. I can say the hardest thing for me was trying to figure out if I was disappointing God in my life decision. Jami Shofner from Austin, Tex. I knew all my life that I was a girl, but growing up in the 's I just swallowed it and held it down.

Kacee Sparks from Fayetteville, Ark. I have not started transitioning, yet I do try to make myself happier by appearing more feminine. Kasey from Silver Spring, Md. Wynelle Snow from Ketchikan, Alaska Physician. I've had friends who said that they regarded being transgendered as a blessing I think that I felt it to be more a curse.

I am visible to help stop stereotypes. Because I wish more people had been visible when I was younger. Dominick Evans from New York, N. Film Director and Activist. Rarely do we hear stories about people with disabilities declaring their own unique gender identity or sexuality. Jessi Matthews from Kansas City, Mo. Some of the things I gave up, I miss beyond measure but what I've gained in the process I value more than my life.

Jess Rowland from New York Artist. Figuring out who I am, and living my life with integrity has been the grand challenge of my lifetime. Lucymarie Ruth from Richmond, Calif. In many respects I led a satisfactory life up till the age of 58, but it was generally emotionally unsatisfying. Tuesday Meadows from Lexington, Ky. Retired Grocery Store Manager.

I am a transgender woman but it is never at the top of my list of how I describe myself. Sarah from Alexandria, Va. Intelligence Analyst. Thankfully, protections are emerging so we don't depend on folks deciding to "do the right thing. Roxanne Edwards from Fairfax, Va. We only want what you want. Freedom to live authentically, to support our families and our communities Aaron Duncanson from Portland, Ore. I have had thoughts of cutting myself, but I want to be a trans adult that kids can look at and see that the only scars I have is from my top surgery. Lois Simmons from Suffern, N. Tax preparer, writer, blogger.

Armed with the word of God and ready to seriously consider transition, the crisis evaporated. Don Altemus from West Chester, Pa. Fran Fried from Prospect, Conn. Editor, writer, DJ. I never felt trapped in the opposite body, but, like many, I knew something was different from childhood. Cary Gabriel Costello from Milwaukee Professor. Every person, intersex or not, deserves the autonomy to determine and live in the gender with which they identify. Sheri Swokowski from De Forest, Wis. I thought it ironic I could work as a transgender civilian at HQ, Dept of Army yet couldn't serve my country in uniform.

Danielle Pellett from Dallas Chemist. When you don't give up, and you stand against the world in defiance of what others try to make you do? It gets better. Claire-Renee Kohner from Hopkins, Minn.

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Trans Journalist. As I told my parents, isn't it better to have a living daughter than a dead son? Sean Parker Dennison from Woodstock, Ill. Unitarian Universalist Minister. Roxanne Manzone from Ocala, Fla. Roadway Inspector. Even with the loss of my family, you know what, I'm very happy and accepted who I have become. Macalister Bali from Emeryville , Calif. Cloud Technology Consultant. For someone to come out admit they are transgender is the bravest thing they can do.

Reed Wetmore from Andover, Mass. I understand that I will continue to face hate and discrimination probably for the rest of my life.

Transgender Surgery Services: Sydney Walther’s Story

Jack Pula from New York Psychiatrist. Becoming a psychiatrist and confronting mental and emotional suffering beckoned me to confront my own. Dana Beyer from Chevy Chase, Md. Executive Director, Gender Rights Maryland. Walking the streets of New York as the woman I had struggled to fully express so many decades earlier was exhilarating. Michaela West from San Francisco, Calif. Surgeon, PhD. Kristen Aaquist from Reno, Nev.

Legal Secretary. The fact that there was a fix put me at a crossroads: do I chance giving up everything that I have to be me or do I continue living as that guy. Christine Roy from Laguna Hills, Calif. Electronics Technician. My old way of coping was to make myself invisible. Now I am not afraid to speak up, be visible, and engage in life. Dee Omalley from Pasadena, Calif. My perennial exile from employment is evidence of the near-clinical consequences of overt trans discrimination that eludes legal accountability.

Elaine Jackson from Berkeley, Calif. Retired journalist. Claire Enderby from New York, N. Discovering that there was a name for what I was, that it was a medical condition—this was magical. Caiolinn Ertel from McLean, Va. Aviation Systems Engineer. I honestly didn't know what was wrong, why I liked women's things but didn't sexually. Harper from Chicago, Ill. I'm going to feel comfortable as myself at a formal event for the first time in my life thanks to my teachers. Jessica Lynn from Santa Maria, Calif. President, Your True Gender Non-profit.

Jerry Cheney from Santa Fe, N. I love the idea of being beyond gender, of behaving and dressing without regard for gender roles. I consider myself incredibly lucky to have a family and friends who are overwhelmingly supportive. I miss my old home and the many things I lost, but I wouldn't trade what I gained for any of that, now. James Rearden from Owensboro, Ky. Supervisor at Starbucks. From my earliest childhood memory I felt male and though my young mind didn't yet have the words to explain it, I knew I was different.

Faye Seidler from Fargo, N. Trans Activist. That as a trans leader, offering education and outreach for my community, I'm not afraid to fight. Alex from Wilmington, De. Lobbyist for a non-profit. Like many transgender people, I became confused and depressed as my mind, heart and soul told me that I was male, but my body was betraying me and didn't match how I felt. Kyle from Mountain View, Calif. If there's any advice I can tell people who have a trans loved one, it's this: Don't invalidate our feelings.

Pretty soon audiences forget they are hearing a trans story and just hear a human story. Seamus Johnston from Pittsburgh. I know that a lot of times it seems like it would be easier just to give up. And I know that it's selfish of me to ask this of you, but please stay here. Perhaps part of the beauty of being both a scientist and a human being is admitting that at times there are facts that cannot be disproven.

I remember being in that place as a young person feeling like I can never have the life I wanted to have. I believe that one of the major reasons I was finally able to be honest with myself was knowing that the Austin Police Department would support me. My journey as a trans man has really been about me becoming a man of my design.

Rhys Harper Photographer. I always knew that I was different. I never really had a name for it until I was an adult.

Transgender People

Lana Moore Firefighter. When people step up and people treat each other like human beings and not some sort of scandal, things can go right and there can be a happy ending. Jennifer Finney Boylan Author.