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A team of scientists have been given permission to study these beings by the Sholen, their first extraterrestrial contact, but only under the following condition: They must not disturb the habitat.

But when a reckless explorer ends up being dissected by the Ilmatarans, a serious complication arises. Snowman is struggling to gain his footing in this new world. He is mourning the loss of his best friend Crake and the woman they both loved, Oryx. Seeking a way to ease his sorrow, Snowman, formerly known as Jimmy before the world fell to plague, sets out into the forest that now blankets what used to be a human civilization.

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Joining him are the green-eyed Children of Crake. Atwood is a master storyteller, crafting versions of a near-future where technologies used in modern times have fallen by the wayside and have rendered the planet nearly inhabitable. She examines how science can completely alter a world, and the human reactions to it.

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The author offers a new perspective on something central to every being: language. Humans have colonized the home to the Ariekei, alien beings notable for their complex language that only a few genetically-manipulated humans can speak. Avice Benner Cho is a human colonist who just spent the last several years in deep-space travel. She recently returned to Embassytown, but was welcomed with conflict. When the politics between humans and Ariekei grow tense, Avice finds herself caught in the midst of a relationship threatening to unravel.

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Haunting, thrilling and thought-provoking, Mieville is a pro at making readers feel the weight and fragility of their humanity. How do people carry on with their lives after an apocalypse? After the Apocalypse answers this question through a collection of stories following a variety people around the world.

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Young Jieling desperately needs money, so she takes a job at a biotech company. Everything is going well until she learns why people can never quit.

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Character-driven and wholly enchanting, readers have nothing but praise for these stories. When the story begins, Keetenheuve, recently widowed, is on his way to Bonn on a train full of lobbyists and political operatives. It is called the Nibelungen Express, and the author blurs several of the passengers into characters from Wagner's Ring cycle.

The engine's chuffing is rendered as the Rhine Maidens' trumpet cry, ''Wagalaweia! In Bonn Keetenheuve comes upon a secret document outlining plans to incorporate the army into NATO, thus ratifying the cold war split and foreclosing his party's hopes of reunification with East Germany. Presented to the Bundestag, it would be a political bombshell. When this fails, his agents steal the document and leak it to the press, so that the chancellor unmistakably Adenauer has time to defuse it. The story is background to Keetenheuve's errant musings and encounters, part real, part surreal.

Trying to translate Baudelaire in his bare Parliamentary office, he is choked by emanations from the industrially polluted Rhine below. There is a hilarious meal at the canteen, where the choices are a variety of fat meat ''on a Bed of Mashed Potatoes.

As he drifts through the night streets, Keetenheuve comes up against a variety of characters, most of them dismal exemplars of postwar West Germany. It is a Faust-like journey, with a Walpurgis Night ending. Throughout, Keetenheuve remains blobby and indeterminate, his moral stances undermined by arrogance, depression and disgust. He compares himself vaguely to a Hamlet of our time, though he is closer to a torpid Oblomov. Along with his impeccable translation, Mr. Hofmann has written an introduction that presents Koeppen as a major German writer.

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Though he is a critic of revelatory insight, Mr. Hofmann seems stymied in part by his subject. He conveys his enthusiasm eloquently; he is less successful at conveying the specifics of what he is enthusiastic about. The novels have come to be known as a trilogy, although they are united only in their concern to expose the residual effects of Nazism and the war on German society.

Tauben im Gras Pigeons on the Grass , the first of the three, is set in Munich on a single day and its short fragments reveal the failure of more than thirty characters to face up to reality.

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The last to be published was Death in Rome , which examined the emotional and intellectual legacy of the Nazi period in two German families who meet again in Rome after the war. It covers the last two days in the life of a disillusioned politician called Keetenheuve, who became a member of the Bundestag after returning from exile at the end of the war with high hopes for the newly created Federal Republic.


She died from an overdose, but he believes that his neglect killed her: he spent his evenings attending to his political paperwork and was frequently away at conferences and meetings. The Revolution was an offshoot of Romanticism, a crisis of puberty. It had had its time.

During debates, he reads poetry hidden in one of his official folders.