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Such a contest gets any fighter jock drooling! How easy is to fly? What is the hardest thing about flying it? In fact, at times even 7 Multi-Function Displays MFD and two aircrew are insufficient to achieve what she can do for you! Is TVC useful in air combat? If so, how should it be used? Just m is enough to get to the right angle and Boom! How would you rate the cockpit? The cockpit is Russian! So the ergonomics leave a lot to be desired. Have you fired live weapons- if so, what was it like? Weapon delivery is really exciting! The adrenaline rush, the cold sweat that trickles down your temples when you press the trigger are a different feeling altogether.

They are really expensive and hence the opportunity comes rarely. I think the AA missile is the best! When the weapon leaves your wing, the plume, noise and shear power of the accelerating missile is breathtaking. No doubt! How combat effective is the Su? Maintenance- extensive! What tips would you give new pilots coming onto the Su? Dedication, commitment and patient hard work will reveal the true pleasures of flying to you!

Early days are tough, just hang in there, get over the hump and you will experience heavenly pleasure that only fighter pilots have been blessed with. How much post-stall manoeuvring can the average squadron pilot do? Is this a rare skill? Relative manoeuvring in relation to an adversary in the sky requires extensive training and skill development! The manoeuvres can be counter productive in not done correctly. What is the hardest manoeuvre to pull off in a Su? As a personal opinion: What should the Indian Air Force procure and what should it get rid of?

It must be done but the platform should be a qualitative addition as well! Just adding numbers is not the right answer. There is a huge prospect of joint development with other major manufactures around the world such as BAE that have been traditional defence suppliers for IAF. The Russians provide most of the hardware; Indian , French, Israeli industries provide software, avionics and weapons! The Heart of the avionics system that communicates with all these various systems is Indian.

Sharing that feeling with another occupant in the cockpit is not easy! Especially when your WSO is not fixed. It allows off bore targeting and that coupled with TVC gives a good angular advantage to the Su in combat!

Russian Jet Fighter - Sukhoi Su-37

Flying and fighting in the Tornado. Want something more bizarre? Looking for something more humorous?

Sukhoi Su-35

In the mood for something more offensive? This interview would not have been possible without the kind help of Angad Singh. Why are there no safety parachutes on passenger planes for the passengers and pilots?? After all they will only be used in emergency case.. Excellent article. What is the secret to the design of the Su30 that allows it to out manoeuvre opponents? Its fly by wire, TV were discussed.

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Its a big heavy aircraft, more with a load out. Now why is the F16 losing out.

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