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At the moment we just have the podcast but in future I will be publishing books and maybe some courses based on the podcast. So for forty dollars a month you can access all of the books when they come out. And of course, for any level, so at any level you support, if you support us at all, you get a shoutout. So that means I will say your name on the podcast. I will thank you for supporting us. So there are lots of reasons to support us, and I really hope you will.

So remember, if you want to do that, go to Patreon. Thank you so much. A beauty is a beautiful person. So sleeping beauty is a person who sleeps and she is beautiful. Wings are a body part. Birds move their wings to fly. So wings are very important for birds. Another animal that has wings is fairies.

They are magical animals. So you find fairies in lots of stories. So fairies can do magic and they have little wings and they can fly using their wings. It also generally means the earth. So if you live on a farm, you grow vegetables, you have animals; you live off the land. A tear. When you cry, [cries], tears come out of your eyes.

So tears are water that come out of your eyes when you cry. A guard. A guard is someone who protects something. So a building usually has a guard. A prison will have lots of guards, and so on. A cloak. A cloak is a piece of clothing, and you wear it in winter.

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A cloak covers your whole body and even covers your head. So cloaks are good for keeping warm. Shake your head means to move your head from one side to another. When you suffer, you feel pain, you hurt a lot. This is often emotional pain. So if a mother has a child and the child dies, the mother will suffer a lot.

Finally, fall asleep. When you fall asleep you start sleeping.

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Me personally, it takes me a long time to fall asleep. Remember, if you enjoy the podcast and want more, you can support us on Patreon. You can support us at Patreon. Far away from our world, there were the Blue Castle and the Red Castle. In the Blue Castle, everything was soft and blue, and Izod was the softest fairy of all. Izod loved her land, and the land loved her. It was a happy place, but at times it was very sad.

In The Original Sleeping Beauty, The King Is A Sexual Harasser Who Forces Himself On The Princess

When one of the High Fairies died, all the people cried for days. Izod cried more than everyone else. She had a big heart, and beautiful wings. Because of this, she was chosen to be queen. She was afraid at first, but she was also excited. She had to wait until she became sixteen. But on the day of her sixteenth birthday, the men from Red Castle came. It was the first time that Izod had seen them.

They wore red. Their eyes were red like fire. And when they attacked, the Blue Castle turned red with blood. They killed and killed, and Izod cried and cried. When they found her, she had cried every tear from her body. But the Red Men did not kill her. They did something much worse. They hit her, pulled out her wings, and left her alone in the Blue Castle. All alone. Della loved her land, and the land loved her.

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Her father and mother, the King and Queen, smiled whenever they saw her. She had beautiful red hair. The people of the Red Castle brought her presents every day. In the Red Castle, everything was bright, and everyone was strong, and Della was also bright and strong. When a gladiator killed another man, she cheered.

She would be queen one day, and she would be a strong queen. The day started with beautiful sunshine, but quickly turned dark and wet. They were wet and cold, but still, they were happy for Della. Della sat and received each present one by one. There were many things: cakes, jewellery, paintings and dresses. Finally, Sir Galen came up. He was the head of the guards. He wore bright red armour, and he was very strong and handsome. He gave Della a very interesting present. They are from a fairy, and they have strong magic.

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I wanted to give them to you before, but you were too young. Be careful with them. They are dangerous. And then, the doors to the Red Castle opened by themselves. A strong wind blew in, and the rain came inside. The guards did so, but with the wind, something had come inside. Not something, but someone. It was a tall person, wearing a black cloak.

Their face was hidden. The people looked afraid, and moved so that the cloaked person could move forward. The person took off the cloak. It was a woman, but she looked very bad. Her face was dark blue, and her eyes were as white as milk. She looked soft and sad. She looked like the rain turned into a person. Della had heard of the Blue Castle, and the strange blue people who lived there. But they had all died, years ago. That was what her parents had told her. The blue woman just shook her head.

Give me back my wings. I need them to fly. But the guards did not move. In fact, nobody in the room moved.

Sleeping Beauty

It seemed like nobody could move. Della stood up. She picked up the wings and looked at them. They were hers, because they were a present from Sir Galen.


But this woman, this strange woman, wanted them so much. So she walked towards her. Della stopped. Her face turned to anger. She tried to move towards the wings, but the guards ran forward. They held her back. Tonight, she will fall asleep, and she will never wake up again. Then, Izod was gone. The cloak fell to the floor. This three act classic ballet ends with a celebration of love, at the wedding of Princess Aurora and her Prince.

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The Sleeping Beauty

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