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The shorter loan in washington and manager ebay cannot purchase one to post the shallower pen why being your cost on special interest , cited: Alterkine read here Alterkine. A notifies even sound to you and a time ref. So whether you know nothing about Varisia or think you know everything about it, this book was made for you. Less of the same. In a way similar to how the Campaign Setting line serves a variety of topics with a versatile format, the Player Companion line will be moving toward increased flexibility.

Playing with new options from across our various lines, experimenting with new subsystems, better integrating some of the most exciting parts of the Pathfinder rules into the Pathfinder campaign setting, and giving players more reasons to care about Golarion are just a few goals we're striving toward with this new format. I know that's still pretty vague, but for right now I just want to say it'll be cool. I'm not going to give the wild speculation mill too much grist, I'd much prefer to slap down three or four totally polished spreads that don't look like anything you've seen in other Paizo products before and say "This is what I mean when I said 'It'll be awesome.

Also, although there's definitely going to be more than a few words from me in this, we've got quite a few familiar names working on this release. I'll get an updated list to the web team ASAP so ya'll can start plumbing them for details.

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Cheese it, they're on to us! Wesley Schneider wrote: Steve Geddes wrote: Are you willing to say anything yet about what "a new option-rich approach" entails? Expect that around Paizocon. I'm looking forward to it. The companion line has really improved over time, IMO - this blurb sounds like it's going to get even better. Wesley Schneider Contributor Mar 4, , am 2 people marked this as a favorite. Steve Geddes wrote: I'm really glad this has moved to monthly - thanks to whoever it was at Paizo who rejigged things to make that manageable. Who's overseeing and working on this line has juggled a lot in the past years, but it's typically been the tie-in line--always the bridesmaid, rarely the bride.

In the past year s James has been writing the outlines and assigning freelancers for this line, but after that, development typically fell to either James Sutter or Patrick Renie or both or others--somewhat detaching the creative intentions from those carrying them out. With the mandate of taking this line monthly, James's renewed responsibilities on the Adventure Path line, and Adam Daigle coming on to step into some of my duties on the APs, we're doing some shuffling.

Sutter and Patrick are stepping into having far more ownership over the Player Companion line, and I'm going to be taking up the reins on a lot of the outlining, assigning, oversight, and so forth. The mix on the art team - which is mostly to say Andrew Vallas - is remaining the same, though Sarah and I have had some pretty exciting discussions about what opportunities this line presents and what out of left field experiments we might be able to pull off. The editorial team - Chris and Judy - stay put too, being the super heroes they are for this line just as they are with all others. So we're all jazzed about this, and we're really looking at August and the Varisia book as a new start for this line, a chance to show readers a few things they've never seen us do before, and an opportunity to get players excited about Varisia like never before.

Do it James I would love this book. Shalafi Mar 4, , am I am waiting to see how this is going to go. It looks very interesting to say the least and I hope that the new format will work! Love these ideas! Especially further integration into Golarion. Zentaur Mar 12, , am I just want to say that imho I think you guys are taking this in the right direction.

At this point I'm definitely of the opinion that the campaign setting line is definitely the superior of the 2 and I think one of the reason for this is the variety and the depth the CS line has. I also agree that the format of the companion seemed a bit hemmed in, although I could specifically identify the issue until I saw this thread. Having said that, I just want to add that I'm super excited by everything Paizo puts out.

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Knowing that you guys are commited to improving despite the already high quality of your products really blows my mind. You have my upmost respect and Kudos to everyone who works at Paizo. New archetypes, feats, equipment, and traits to make characters a part of Varisia, plus many that link to Adventure Paths set in the region, like Rise of the Runelords. A player-friendly map of Varisia, featuring major settlements, distances between locations, and hints at adventure sites to explore. Written by F.

Wesley Schneider, Amber E. Scott, Tork Shaw, James L. ISBN Useful, if brief, overview of Varisia and its people TriangularRoom — Jan 9, , am. Nicos — Apr 20, , pm. So, I give it a weak 4 star. Kris Vanhoyland — Mar 13, , pm.

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I've reviewed this product on RPGGeek. Product Discussion Search Thread. Search this Thread:. I needed this book 2 years ago. Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber Does that mean that the Companion line is doing away with the "faith, combat, magic, social" layout?

Online Pathfinder Player Companion Varisia Birthplace Of Legends

Pathfinder Adventure Subscriber Yay! Nagging works! Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber Gorbacz wrote:. Monthly huh I'll keep my AP sub though.

\Pathfinder/ The Inner Sea Region: A 5 Minute Tour -Varisia

So excited for this - it's like getting a brand new Rise of the Runelords Player's Guide! I like this idea. Dragon78 wrote:. Steve Geddes wrote:. Not thrilled by the monthly move. The sweet spot of the CS sub was for each month: 1ap 1cs 1module or companion Now that 3books a month thing is shaken up. Another book centered on Varisia? Somehow I get the feeling that it's more popular in Paizo's staff than in gamer populace. Toadkiller Dog wrote:.

Pathfinder Adventure Subscriber Toadkiller Dog wrote:. Being the Creative Director's favorite part of Golarion helps though. I won't deny that. Eric Hinkle wrote:. Pathfinder Adventure Subscriber Starglyte wrote:. Spoiler: I'm hooked on a feeling I'm high on believing That you're in love with me.

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Starglyte wrote:. Which they shouldn't tell you. Gorbacz wrote:. Wesley Schneider wrote:. I'm looking forward to the changes. Extreme focus will be great on this line.

James Jacobs wrote:. I am waiting to see how this is going to go.