Opium Lords: Israel the Golden Triangle and the Kennedy Assassination

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They fail to mention that the media including the jewess reporter above are all jews, and funny as it may seem, they are begging for dollars rather than food, clothing, medical supplies and other essentials. Take a look at this article which says:. Nonprofit groups rarely look a gift horse in the mouth, and the relief effort in Haiti is desperate for resources. But the experience of wasteful giving in the past, coupled with the ease of speaking out via blogs, Facebook and Twitter, have led to an unprecedented effort to teach Americans what not to give.

One particularly influential blog is being written by Saundra Schimmelpfennig, an international aid expert who once worked for the Red Cross. The advice appears to be reaching a tipping point — former President George W. Bush echoed the message when he joined President Obama and former President Bill Clinton last week to announce a new venture for the Haitian relief effort. Bush said. Crooked eye jew Offenheiser left says give him your sheckles to pay for organ harvesting.

It saves the trouble of bothering with food, medicine, water, and other aid. You heard the message. Of course, the jews want your money, because urgently rushing these patients away to Israel for organ removal, I mean medical treatment, is expensive stuff. As is always typical of jews, they are after your loot, some organs, maybe a few kids to sacrifice, etc. My readers will surely remember how a number of jews were recently caught in New Jersey with their organ harvesting ring , and then how we were told the heart wrenching story of some old jews who were happy to have new organs here so we would have a feel good story in mind when thinking of organ harvesting.

Head of Oxfam America, this jew Raymond Offenheiser makes the case that tv dinners are useless, knowing most people send canned goods and bulk foods like rice and other essentials. This fat jewess says don't send shoes to victims of Haiti, send your dollars and let the jews decide how best to pay for the organ harvesting.

Do you see a pattern of jews forming up all around this episode yet? The jews are all over this one like stink on shit. They were so disgusting when Hitler dealt with him, they had to delouse the shit out of them at camps like Treblinka, but despite his best efforts, thousands of people died from typhus spread by these rats. Next we have this article to follow suit. Just like the previous article, we find even more jew run charities pushing the same message. As is typical, jews seem to be the ones controlling all these organizations and their only concern is you send them the dough.

These innocent jew nurses were caught trying to nab children from Chad and Darfur. Do the fake tears make you feel sorry for body snatching jews? Even Angelina Jolie and George Clooney both jews are trying to help end the horrendous genocide there, but no mention of organ harvesting? I thought surely these would be the good jews we keep hearing about, because they are sincerely trying to help, right?

Send money. Be smart and be careful. Haha, we're going to make millions telling people we'll help the blacks in Haiti while Obama uses the military to take over, and our buddies get free organs! Sure thing, you be careful, and just in case, they were sure to include a list of charities who will gladly take your money. According to this article there are legitimate fears of organ harvesters snatching organs and bodies from Haiti.

UNICEF is reporting that at least fifteen children have gone missing already since the fiasco began, and with Israeli medical camps set up, more are sure to go as time carries on. The agency underlined that it had warned countries during the past week not to step up adoptions from Haiti in the immediate wake of the quake.

Several are fast-tracking adoption procedures already under way, including Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain and the United States. Legrand said the situation was similar to the aftermath of the tsunami in Asia five years ago. The jews often nab Palestinians from the street to steal their organs.

When it keeps happening on such a large scale, one has to wonder if they're really using them for transplants or if they're eating the damn things! Notice there is no mention of Israel as one of the countries involved in the fast-tracking of getting children out of the country. Just last August, there was this article where jews kick and scream about being called organ harvesters.

It seems a Swedish newspaper made the accusation that jews were nabbing victims in Palestine and stealing their organs. In medieval times, there were claims that the Jews use the blood of Christians to bake their Matzas for Passover. Speaking of legs, their argument of blood libel is more than just a fallacy. Take for instance this article where the Palestinian Authority is doing more than just making claims. They are planning to bring charges against Israel for nabbing bodies and organs.

He explained the way the Israelis handed the bodies of some Palestinians to their families. You can read about the jew Dr. Whatever was done was highly informal. No permission was asked from the family. In the interview, Dr. Hiss described how his doctors would mask the removal of corneas from bodies. Many of the details in the interview first came to light in , when Dr. Hiss was dismissed as head of the forensic institute because of irregularities over use of organs there. Hiss still works as chief pathologist at the institute. He had no comment on the TV report.

This body didn't need an autopsy, cause of death rather evident. What do you reckon the zipper from the groin to the throat is for then? Stomach is rather flat, because all the useful stuff was removed. You can bet these jews took everything from corneas, to kidneys to bone marrow and stem cells. The real story is more likely someone raised suspicions of their operation, so this jew was fired for the operations, admits to it publicly, and the other jews drop the charges against him. The whole deal is wrapped up all nice and clean.

The evil doctor was canned from his job, and all the organs are safe now! We can never let our guard down, as Haiti shows us. My Blog List. Traditional Catholic Prayers. BellesHeures's Weblog. The Apocalypse, the Book of the Revelation. The Book of St. Go to Palestine Cry here. Link: Go to Palestine Cry here. He is not an impersonal manifestation of the universe.

He created the universe and rules it and commands His creatures, that includes us, to obey Him. Notice that the New World Order has come to us in a false Cross, not of the true Christ, wrapped up in a sturm und drang AmeriKanski Flag with all the trappings of divisive hateful mind numbing propaganda. Heresy means to split off from the truth. There is only truth and lies, never both. The elite have chosen for themselves lies - because they will not come to the truth.

Jesus spoke of them, particularly the Pharisees, but all like them:. Gospel of John And this is the judgment: because the light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than the light: for their works were evil. DRV This is a core Catholic belief. When Adam sinned it took place because of the envy of the devil. DRV Wisdom 2: 23 For God created man incorruptible, and to the image of his own likeness he made him. DRV and you shall be as Gods They chose to be their own gods. DRV Therefore racism is of the devil and to be absolutely condemned. Please let us look to pan-African help for for the Palestinian cause as well.

Adieu, Steve. Labels: Africa. Global science consists of three types of components: 1. Crossing borders represents progress in the conscious awareness of freedom. Laws composed by people can not determine nature. Please give your opinion about: 1- How do you see science in general and especially in your country?

Nassers support was important and understandable. He was not only the president of Egypt, but a charismatic advocate of the pan-Arab movement who strove to maintain solidarity among Arab nations. Kennedys primary interest in Yemen was to hold the coalition of Islamic states together and deal with the conflict as a civil war. He encouraged the Yemenite government to resolve its problems internally without support from outside nations.

Israel has always wanted to divide, not unite, the Arab nations. With Kennedy out of the way, the Arab coalition became much weaker as the Israelis planned their efforts to expand its borders. In addition, Nassers influence diminished greatly. This was largely due to Egypts prolonged involvement the Yemen War. The following is historian William Clevelands description of how solidarity among Islamic States was obliterated by the Yemen War: By nearly 70, Egyptian troops were engaged on the side of the military regime in Yemen.

Bogged down in difficult terrain and harassed by guerrillas, the Egyptian forces suffered heavy losses and were finally withdrawn in In this case, Egypts intervention divided Arab loyalties instead of unifying them; it presented the spectacle of Arab fighting Arab and of the heads of state of Saudi Arabia and Egypt hurling insults at one another. And John Kennedy had displayed similar views throughout his adult life. But it was the young presidents efforts to end the Cold War, to prevent Israel from acquiring the Bomb, and his efforts to maintain Arab unity in the Yemen war that made pro-Israel forces decide to stage a coup dtat in the fall of The Plot Against Kennedy After years of research, I have developed the following scenario of how the plot against President Kennedy was conceived and accomplished:.

And his death would not only be for that nation, but for all friends of Israel scattered abroad. From that day forth they plotted to kill him. Louis Bloomfield was directed to manage the assassination. And he did so with the full knowledge and support of Lyndon Baines Johnson and J. Edgar Hoover. Bloomfield met with Lansky about hiring assassins. It was agreed that the Guerini Family, a leading French-Corsican crime family, would provide the hit men.

A fourth man, Christian David, was also offered the contract, but he refused. David and the three hit men eventually became Ricords lieutenants when he emerged as the number one smuggler of heroin into the United States in the late s and early 70s. If the Corsicans would supply the assassins, Bloomfield would have Kennedys replacement, President Johnson, escalate American involvement in the Vietnam War and allow the Corsicans to re-enter the narcotics industry in Southeast Asia.

Under the leadership of General Edward G. Lansdale then a Colonel , the Corsicans were driven out of Vietnam in after the French had been defeated in the Indochina War. It appears that Bloomfield also assisted the heroin traffickers in laundering large sums of money generated from the criminal enterprise. Being a skilled lawyer, Bloomfield apparently set up fake corporations42 in order to funnel heroin money into numerous banks throughout the world. Bloomfield would also use this vast international criminal enterprise to finance assassinations of other political figures.

The Assassination In the fall of , the three assassins were flown from Marseilles to Mexico City where they spent some three or four weeks at the house of a contact. They crossed the border using Italian passports. They were picked up on the American side of the border at Brownsville by a representative of the Chicago Mafia with whom they conversed in Italian. They were then driven to Dallas and put up in a safehouse which. They spent several days taking photographs of Dealey Plaza, and in the evenings at the safehouse they studied the photographs and they arranged a "crossfire" with three guns.

Chiappe and Angeletti took their positions in two office buildings; one was high, one was low. Sarti stood behind a picket fence on top of a hill near the middle of Elm Street, his rifle loaded with exploding bullets. He was disguised as a policeman. As the limousine approached the center of Elm Street one shot was fired from a lower-level window of the Dal-Tex building directly behind the car; a bullet struck Kennedy in the back of the neck.

He was sitting directly in front of Kennedy. The bone in his right temple fell beside his ear as the back of his head exploded. A fourth shot was fired that missed the car completely, but grazed onlooker James Teague in the cheek;57 it was fired simultaneously with one of the other shots. The Framing of Oswald Within hours a low-level intelligence officer who worked for the United States government was arrested and subsequently charged with the murder of President Kennedy.

Oswald was completely innocent. Ruby was part of the conspiracy; eye-witnesses saw him in compromising situations on the day Kennedy was killed. Julia Ann Mercer testified before the Warren Commissionher testimony was later illegally alteredthat she saw a young man with a rifle dismount from a pickup truck driven by Jack Ruby at.

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Rubys handlers advised him to kill Oswald or be implicated in Kennedys murder as well. The Warren Commission Upon assuming the presidency, Johnson immediately formed a commission ostensibly to investigate the assassination, but the real agenda was to cover-up the truth from the American public. After months of research, the commission issued a report which concluded that Oswald had acted alone and there was not a conspiracy.

A large percentage of the commissions members, however, were Jewish; not as ranking members, but as assistant counsel and staff members. Ford Mr. Allen W. John J. McCloy J. Adams Joseph A. Ball David W. Belin William T. Coleman, Jr. Melvin Aron Eisenberg Burt W. Griffin Leon D. Hubert, Jr. Laulicht Arthur Marmor Richard M. Mosk John J.

Shaffer, Jr. Lloyd L. Weinreb Albert E. Jenner, Jr. Wesley J. Liebeler Norman Redlich W. Stern Howard P. Belin wrote books and made numerous talk show appearances endorsing the Warren Report. As assistant counsel, Belin had a gift for changing the subject when questioning witnesses about to reveal important information.

In other words, his task was apparently to prevent the crime from being solved. Harkness, who told Belin under oath that he saw several strangers using a departing train to leave the area where President Kennedy had just been murdered. Belin responded: "I want to go back to this Amos Euins.

Do you remember what he said to you and what you said to him when you first saw him? Belin was clearly changing the subject. In , Specter chaired the Senate Intelligence Committee after the Republicans had won control of the Senate in the fall elections. In fact, Specter chaired the powerful oversight committee when the Murrah Building, in Oklahoma City, was bombed on April 19, There is strong evidence to suggest that Israel was behind the bombing of the Murrah Building as well.

That act of terrorism was not unlike the bombing of the King David Hotel in Jerusalem by Jewish extremists on July 22, Both topics are discussed later. Division Five was not an official part of the government, although many of its leaders held highranking official positions. This was the mechanism Bloomfield used to stage the coup against Kennedy.

Lyndon Johnson was fully aware of Division Five and was an active participant with Bloomfield and Hoover in setting up the coup. Sullivan had just completed a preliminary meeting with investigators for the House Select Committee on Assassinations. The man who shot him was the son of a state policeman and claimed to have mistaken Sullivan for a deer. He was arrested, charged with a misdemeanor"shooting a human being by accident"and released into the custody of his father.

No further investigation was ever done. It was a major indictment of J. Edgar Hoover and Lyndon Johnson. With Bloomfield managing those five groups, a more accurate name would have been Division Six, because he added Israels interests to the overall agenda. He added a sixth layer, Permindex, a dummy trade corporation used to finance Israeli espionage and political assassinations. In addition Permindex was a tool for laundering illicit heroin money for American and FrenchCorsican-Latino crime syndicates.

They were opposed to Kennedy because he was trying to make peace with the Soviets and end the Cold War. Since the Security Division was in the war business, Kennedy was of no value to them. He was a threat to them financially. NASA was used mainly as a cover because the American public associated it with space travel.

The latter supported the state of Israel for religious purposes. The common thread who supported Israel. Permindex A dummy trade corporation created by Bloomfield to finance covert activity internationally for the state of Israel; also used to launder illicit heroin profits for American and French-Corsican-Latino crime syndicates.

Joseph Milteer Corroborated Jewish Conspiracy Joseph Milteer was a wealthy southerner from Georgia with right-wing extremist political beliefs. Evangelicals believe Jews are needed to establish a Jewish state so that Jesus will return, gather all Jews in Israel, and build a Temple. The world would then. The few Jewish survivors would convert to Christianity. Robertson in particular is a big believer in Armageddon. The bizarre thing about Evangelicals is they do not hesitate to encourage Jewish conversion to Christianity; however, they also feel that Jews are needed in order to fulfill the scriptures.

When Menachem Begin was cautioned that Evangelical aid was provided to Israel only because they believed that a new Jewish state was needed for the second coming of Jesus, and the conversion of Jews to Christianity, he reportedly responded: "I tell you, if the Christian Fundamentalists support us in Congress today, I will support them when the Messiah comes tomorrow. Milteer stated that Kennedy would be shot "from an office building with a high-powered rifle," and "they will pick somebody up within hours afterwards, if anything like that would happen, just to throw the public off.

Milteer definitely knew what he was talking about. On November 23, , the day after Kennedy was shot, Milteer met with Somersett again and stated that there was a "Communist conspiracy by Jews to overthrow the United States. Despite his extremist politics, Milteer was a person to be taken seriously. First, his reference to "the big Jew" corroborates my thesis that one Jewish individuallikely Louis Bloomfield ran the coup against Kennedy.

Second, it reveals that right-wing extremists had broken ranks with the Jewish-led coup immediately after Kennedy was killed. Apparently, Milteer and his associates had made a pact with Bloomfield to support the coup while they secretly plotted to kill himBloomfieldafter Kennedy was executed. Third, it suggests that contingency plans were in place in by the right-wing extremiststo kill Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy. Further evidence indicates that Milteer personally declared a right-wing war on the Jews. He reportedly made the following statements: to all Christians: The Zionist Jews killed Christ years ago and on November 22, , they killed President Kennedy.

You Jews killed the President. We are going to kill you. Originally formed in Nashville, Tennessee in by Confederate cavalry general Nathan Bedford Forrest, the Klan disappeared by because its original objectivethe restoration of white supremacy throughout the Southhad largely been achieved during the s. In addition, Forrest had ordered it disbanded in , because of the group's excessive violence. Two of those men were Jewish; only one was African-American. Their abduction occurred just seven months after Kennedys assassination.

As soon as the three workers turned up missing, President Johnson and J. Edgar Hoover launched a massive investigation. The fate of the three men was uncertain, but their disappearance provided the final impetus needed for the Civil Rights Act to pass. The bodies of Goodman, Schwerner and Chaney were found five weeks later, buried in a mud dam. Eventually, 19 men, including the county sheriff and a deputy, were convicted of federal conspiracy charges in connection with the murders. On the surface, Johnson and Hoover seemed courageous in their fight against rightwing extremists; but in reality, they had plotted jointly with the same forces to kill Kennedy.

The chickens had indeed come home to roost.

As it turns out, he may have had assistance from at least one prominent politician, namely Alabama Governor George Wallace who was friendly with right-wing General Curtis LeMay, a member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in the Kennedy administration. The Constitutional American Partythe group that Milteer reportedly addressed on November 24, when he declared war on the Jewslater evolved into Wallaces third-party, The American Independent Party, when he ran for president in George Wallace loathed the Kennedy brothers and Martin Luther King because they shamed him in June during a standoff at the University of Alabama where.

Martin Luther King was in the middle of the conflict as well. In fact, he solicited the aid of the Kennedy brothers to deal with Wallace. Wallace wanted to be president badly, probably more than Lyndon Johnson. And he would not have a chance until when the Kennedy Dynasty was over after John, Bobby and Ted had each served two terms. He was an ardent cold warrior, and partly for this reason his tenure as chief was neither successful nor happy. Kennedy once remarked after one his many walkouts on the General, "I don't want that man near me again.

Having been ill-advised once before by the Joint Chiefs during the Bay of Pigs Invasion, Kennedy was not willing to make the same mistake twice. He remarked, "Those sons of bitches with all the fruit salad just sat there nodding, saying it would work. He lost all these battles. In addition, LeMay had strong feelings regarding American involvement in Vietnam, arguing against the gradual response advocated by the Administration. Once again he was ignored.

As previously stated, the munitions industry was represented in Hoovers Division Five the powerful intelligence apparatus used by Louis Bloomfield to orchestrate the coup against Kennedy. Joseph Milteers reference to the "big Jew" corroborates that there was in fact a Jewish conspiracy apparently headed by one Jewish individual. That person was Louis Bloomfield. Malevolent forces converged against King and Kennedy because the latter was about to assume the presidency and former was endorsing him. Both wanted to end US involvement in the Vietnam War, but several interests would prevail over their wishes.

First, the right-wing extremists hated both men because of theyalong with President Kennedyhad embarrassed George Wallace in June when the Alabama National Guard forced him to allow black students to enroll at the University of Alabama. Second, Israel absolutely did not want the son of Joseph Kennedy to become president.

None of the Kennedys could be counted on to support Israels annexation program of expanding its borders into neighboring Arab territories. Third, American and French-Corsican-Latino crime syndicates wanted the Vietnam War to continue because they were reaping huge profits from the Golden Triangle from its production of opium. Those profits were apparently being shared with senior military personnel and various wealthy interests within the Western Powers. In March of Senator Robert Kennedy announced a peace plan for Vietnam and soon became an outspoken antiwar advocate.

Once before, in early January , he had condemned the war, but official outrage from Washington and strenuous opposition within the black community itself had caused him to acquiesce. It was a massive attack launched by the North Vietnamese on the Tet lunar new year Vietnamese festival. It marked a new beginning of anti-war sentiment amongst many Americans. Gene McCarthy had been campaigning for the presidency on the Democratic ticket. On March 16, , Robert Kennedy announced his candidacy for the presidency;93 Martin Luther King immediately endorsed him.

JFK, JFK, and more JFK

On March 31, , President Johnson startled television viewers with a national address that included three announcements: 1 he had just ordered major reductions in the bombing of North Vietnam, 2 he was requesting peace talks, and 3 he would neither seek nor accept his party's renomination for the presidency. On March 10, , the accused assassin, James Earl Ray, pleaded guilty to the murder and was sentenced to 99 years in prison. By June 4, Robert Kennedy had won five out of six presidential primaries, including one that day in California.

As he left through a kitchen hallway he was fatally wounded by a Palestinian immigrant, Sirhan Bishara Sirhan; at least thats the official story. Robert Kennedy died the next day on June 6, Joan Hoff, a research professor of history at Montana State University, recently wrote an article asserting that on December 21, six months before the Watergate burglary occurredNixon approved the first major cover-up of his administration; however, he was not covering up his own misdeeds.

He was covering up the Navys. For thirteen months, from to late , Navy Yeoman Charles E. When Nixon learned of this, he ordered it hushed up; but he let the military know he was aware of its spying. Apparently Nixon and his aides thought that approach would give them more leverage dealing with a hostile defense establishment. He took office just six years after a coup dtat which pushed America deeply into a war in Southeast Asia, a conflict that evolved into an opium war.

The aftermath of President Kennedys assassination was a highly unstable government in which a variety of carpetbaggers lined their pockets, profiteering from the sale of illicit heroin made from opium grown in the Golden Triangle. This volatile state of affairs created havoc within the US intelligence community. One set of federal agents worked desperately to stop the flow of heroin traffic from entering US borders while another group looked the other way.

Vietnam was a cynical war run by a variety of interests. It became a continuation of opium smuggling that had been practiced by the Western Powers for nearly two centuries. In the s, opium trafficking went underground and was handled secretly by international crime syndicates working jointly with various espionage services. Practically speaking, it was not within Nixons power to end the war by issuing an Executive decree. He did, however, manage to withdraw American forces by first severely crippling Auguste Ricords drug cartel, then establishing dtente with the Soviet Union followed by relentless bombing of North Vietnam the Christmas Bombing, Dec.

The latter effort was done to force North Vietnam back to the Paris peace talks where a cease-fire and peace agreement was subsequently reached. Finally Nixon withdrew US troops from Vietnam and ended the draft. In addition he dramatically increased financial aid to Israel, apparently an effort to divide his enemies in that country and supporters abroad. Within the context of history, many of Nixons actions regarding China, the Soviet Union, Vietnam, and the heroin war were indeed bold and courageous. Media Moguls The most important tool, however, to ensure success of the coup dtat was a non-government entity: the American news media.

This is where the ancient Jewish culture comes into play. A thorough analysis of the medias coverage of President Kennedys assassination reveals a vast presence and relentless participation of Jewish journalists and correspondents supporting the cover story that Lee Harvey Oswald.

It is difficult to believe that such widespread endorsement of the Oswald cover story could have occurred by chance. The sheer magnitude of Jewish participation within the news media leads to the logical conclusion that a clear signal must have been given by a central figure and symbol of authority within the Jewish culture in I have concluded that the individual in question was Nahum Goldmann, founder of the World Jewish Congress and its president in I have further concluded that the World Jewish Congress is tantamount to the Sanhedrin, the Jewish Council in ancient Palestine under Roman rule that issued the order to kill Jesus.

The high-priest of the Sanhedrin, Joseph Caiaphas, issued the decree to kill Jesus. Caiaphas questioned Jesus before handing him over to Pilate for crucifixion. Once a decree to kill Kennedy was issued by high-priest Goldmann, then Jewish individuals within the American news media became active participants in the coup dtat. Today, seven Jewish Americans run the vast majority of US television networks, the printed press, the Hollywood movie industry, the book publishing industry, and the recording industry.

Most of the larger independent newspapers are owned by Jewish interests as well. An example is media mogul is Samuel I. Paley was also a highly trained expert in psychological warfare, which is a military term for propaganda. The stated examples of behind the scenes political influence and manipulation may explain, to a degree, why Jews were expelled from virtually every country in Western Europe from through With such control of American political institutions and the news media, Jewish political forces have the ability to manipulate war and peace, crush nations, and topple sitting heads of state.

This was the situation when Jesus walked the earth two-thousand years ago, it is the situation today, and it was the state of affairs in President Kennedys time. Endnotes 1. George Ball, The Passionate Attachment, pp. It is mentioned throughout several books. My assertion that "Ricord was apparently protected by the hardened criminals, the carpetbagger politicians, the war mongering generals, and the ruthless friends of Israel" is corroborated in Alfred McCoys book, The Politics of Heroin in Southeast Asia.

Part of McCoys general thesis is that heroin smuggling was condoned by the US military. Ricord is mentioned in the book, along with the Guerini brothers and the French-Corsican heroin network.

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Michael Collins Piper made a similar argument in his book, Final Judgment. Evert Clark and Nicholas Horrock, Contrabandista, pp. This was mentioned by Michael Beschloss in the Crisis Years, pp. Beschloss got the information from Gromykos book, Memoirs, pp. Stephen R. George Ball, The Passionate Attachment, p.

Reference Alfred W. He was one of the Guerini brothers, also known as the Guerini Family. CIA had long history with Guerini Family. Alfred W. Clark and Horrock stated that the four men were extremely violent. Christian David stated, in The Men Who Killed Kennedy, that he was offered the contract by Antoine Guerini, but he refused because it was too dangerous.

David further stated that Lucien Sarti was one of the assassins. In the stated documentary, David conveyed to researcher Steve Rivele that Sarti shot Kennedy from the grassy knoll, that he used exploding bullets, that he was dressed as a policeman, and that there were two other Corsican assassins. David would only reveal Sartis name because he was dead, but the other two were still alive, and David feared reprisals if he identified them.

Davids story was corroborated by Michel Nicoli in the same documentary. Nicolis face was covered, but it was revealed that he had been in the heroin trafficking business. Bloomfield notwithstanding,. McCoy did not write about Bloomfield specifically; however, he did write that "Corsican syndicates of Marseille turned to their associates in Southeast Asia for help. McCoy cited his source as an interview with Police Col. Smith Boonlikit, Bangkok, Thailand, September 17, It is highly significant that Garrison listed ex-Nazis and ex-members of Mussolinis Italian fascist government as members of the board of directors for Permindex and Centro Mondiale Commerciale.

In Ricord was sentenced to death in absentia by the Permanent Military Court of Paris for collaborating with the Nazis. A narcotics intelligence report , provided by US Customs, is cited by the authors. It states the following about Auguste Ricords heroin network: "The magnitude of this investigation is so great that it has become necessary to computerize the financial data in order to properly coordinate it.

Marrs cited a similar source, Dope, Inc. Back Independence for Algeria, p. The four second delay was determined by viewing the Zapruder film. The general location of the of the individual who shot Connally was easily determined by analyzing his five wounds. Jim Garrison, On the Trail of the Assassins, pp. Therefore, the shot was fired from above and to the right. Hence, the shot that hit Connally was fired from an "upper-level window of the Texas School Book Depository. His sitting position is critical because it establishes the direction from which the bullet was fired.

Some researchers get confused on this point. Marrs, Crossfire, p. This is critical because it discredits the Warren Report which states that two consecutive shots cannot be fired from an Italian made MannlicherCarcano the rifle Oswald "allegedly" used in less than 2. Reference Warren Report. Go to the section known by researchers as the "single bullet theory. This is important because it explains why so many witnesses claim they only heard three shots.

Most researchers believe Oswald was innocent unless they support the Warren Report of course. Bloomfield, and Permindex. Also, Jim Garrison implied that Bloomfield managed the "cabal. Second, it has been established by Garrison and others that Ferrie provided pilot services on an as needed basis for members of the "cabal. Reference On the Trail of the Assassins, pp. Jim Marrs, Crossfire, p. NOTE: In my opinion, the stated descriptions of Division Five are based largely on reality, but contain a degree of disinformation. Therefore I have modified the descriptions based on my knowledge of the case.

The "originator" is the US Secret Service. The text of the referenced document was obtained from John McAdams website. The same transcript is available in Anthony Summers' book, Conspiracy, p. The report states that, on Nov. Encyclopedia Britannica: Ku Klux Klan Israel is Jewish. Why do we hesitate to make America Christian? Davis wrote the following on the topic of Jews: "We also drew fire from the 'far right', as it is sometimes called. Those who claim that all our problems are caused by Jews who are not 'real Jews'' could not support our party because we believe that no single group has caused the downfall of America.

It is the abandonment of principles that has destroyed us. When correct principles - the Word of God - are adhered to, then no group can bring about our downfall. When those principles are ignored, any group can crush us. Joseph Milteer was also from Georgia. Airpower Journal Encyclopedia Britannica: Robert F. Kennedy Encyclopedia Britannica: Lyndon Johnson Encyclopedia Britannica: David Sarnoff Encyclopedia Britannica: William Paley Holy Bible, King James, Matthew, 27, v.

Anyone with money can hire assassins, but covering up the crime is more difficult. This required the full cooperation of key people within the American news media. Its interesting that Agronsky, a Jew, began his journalism career in as a reporter for the Palestine Post, now the Jerusalem Post. Agronksys behavior suggests that he and Johnson were both active participants in the coup dtat of and therefore had prior knowledge of Kennedys murder.

The raw NBC footage reveals how the media coup was executed. There were two types of news men: those "reporting" the news and those "interpreting" the news. Those reporting the news were almost exclusively gentiles. In stark contrast, the ones interpreting the newsor "correspondents" as they called themselveswere almost all Jewish. The Jewish correspondents jobs were to promote Lyndon Johnson as Kennedys replacement, to prepare the public for shifts in foreign affairs, and to generally control the flow of information by putting a spin on things as needed.

The Dallas Police departments job, from a propagandistic viewpoint, was to leak the cover story to the AP wire and other media outlets that Lee Harvey Oswald had killed Dallas Police officer J. The APs function was to flood all levels of the news media with a cover story that vilified Oswald, portraying him as a lone gunner, a nut, an expatriate who moved to the Soviet Union and married a Russian woman, an unstable man who supported Communism and belonged to a proCastro group in New Orleans. As previously stated, Agronskys role was mainly to promote the new president, Lyndon Johnson.

On November 22, , Agronsky gave four brief commentaries aggressively supporting the new president. That was a reasonably acceptable observation, although it indicated that Agronsky had thought things through in a moment of crisis; clear thinking indeed. Agronskys comment was made only twenty minutes after Kennedys death had been announced to the world.

Martin Agronsky: Senator Mansfield has made no statement, the Senate majority leader. In the midst of a national crisis, he told a light-hearted anecdote about Lyndon Johnson and then Texas Governor Connally, who had been shot and gravely wounded while riding in the Presidential limousine with Kennedy. Agronsky told how he had bet fifty dollars with Texas Governor John Connally, in , that Lyndon Johnson would accept the number two spot on the Democratic presidential ticket if Kennedy offered it to him.

According to Agronsky, Connally was certain that Johnson would turn down the number two position. As it turned out, Connally was wrong about his "close friend," Johnson.

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Possibly Agronsky was merely sharing an innocent, personal encounter with Connally as an attempt to lighten a stressful situation. On the other hand, Agronsky may have been insulating Johnson from charges that Johnson participated in a coup against Kennedy.

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After all, even if Johnson disliked Kennedy; how could he allow his "good friend" John Connally to be placed in harms way? Here is the transcript: Agronsky: I think back to a night of the convention in nineteen hundred and sixty when Vice-President Lyndon Johnson accepted the nomination. Governor John Connally was then the floor manager for Lyndon Johnson. He was the man who was always his closest assistant in all of his political campaigns. That is Governor Connally of Texas who now lies wounded in a hospital in Dallas.

About two oclock in the morning, when there was much talk that Lyndon Johnson would be offered the vice-presidential nomination, John Connally told me that he was positive he would. I had talked earlier to the late speaker, to Sam Rayburn. He told me too that Lyndon Johnson would never accept the vice-presidency, would never give up the job of Senate majority leader to take it.

And I bet John Connally then, fifty dollars that Lyndon Johnson would take the vice-presidential nomination. And at two oclock that morning, John Connally made that bet with me, clearly positive that his very close friend, Lyndon Johnson, would not accept it. This I suppose is the way that history is made.

Had Lyndon Johnson not accepted it, he of course would not be president of the United States today. No one could ever have believed or dreamed that a president so young would not conclude the term of office, that death would interrupt. There is very little else to report here in Washington, just the general reaction from oh and a bulletin has just come in from Dallas: "A sniper, armed with a high powered rifle, murdered President Kennedy today," according to the Associated Press dispatch, "barely two hours after President Kennedys death, Lyndon Johnson has taken the oath of office as the thirty-seventh president of the United States.

Now, back to New York. At that point, he stepped up the pro-Johnson rhetoric quite a bit. He immediately attempted to cut to film footage of three prominent Senators. Unfortunately there was a "mechanical failure" and the audience saw Senator Mansfields lips moving, but without sound. Agronsky apologized for the malfunction, and proceeded to tell what appeared be a bald-faced liethat the senators were "rallying" around the new President Johnson.

Later he showed the footage again, in working order, but none of the three even mentioned Johnson by name. Morse did state, however, that Americans should "pray for the president, and pray for the country. Agronsky had planted a seed of disinformation that three prominent senators had quickly rallied around the new President Johnson. Agronsky used this false premise to shower Johnson with praise, stating that Johnson was a "well-known intimate friend of all the members of the Senate of the United States.

This mysterious "malfunction". Here is the transcript: Agronsky: The leaders of the Congress of the United States have united in bipartisan unity in this tragic moment. Allen, Gary - The Rockefeller File. Ankersmit, F. Anon - Freemasonry-The Worship of Lucifer.

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