Memoirs of a Revolutionary

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Memoirs is a document that is essential, above all, as a denouncement of oppression, an eye-witness account, written in heat and at speed, but with the talent of the true writer, of what it was like to be at the heart of the machine - and to stand up to it. This is the most complete edition yet published in English Sedgwick's first, abridged translation appeared nearly 50 years ago.

Memoirs of a Revolutionary

How it has taken so long to appear is one of those unfathomable mysteries Anyway, here it is at last, and anyone who cares about justice and freedom of speech should have a copy. This book is a fiery testament to political conscience and revolutionary hope. I can't think of anyone who has written about the revolutionary movement in [the 20th century] with Serge's combination of moral insight and intellectual richness. Serge is one of the most compelling of twentieth- century ethical and literary heroes.

The tight links among Serge's traits—his intellectual seriousness, the drive to literary expression, an intransigent radicalism not quite separable from restiveness in the face of routine corruption and dishonesty—are especially evident in Memoirs of a Revolutionary , now available for the first time in a complete English translation Our years of darkness were his stubborn years of resistance.

So much for pessimism of the intellect, optimism of the will! Sensitive to the plight of those he has left behind in distant devastated cities, plunged into blackout, these poignant memoirs of Victor Serge conclude with some fundamental reflections on the character of the Russian Revolution.

The human factor, after all, intervened in shaping broader economic-historical conditions that must prompt one to pronounce against historical fatalism. Out of a revolutionary process arises counterrevolutionary reaction and abuses, excesses, crimes and moments of reaction. As Victor Serge reminds us, these forces are the product of human action.

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Elaborating, Serge recalls how, in When the crisis in Russia began to worsen, Gramsci did not want to be broken in the process, so he had himself sent back to Italy by his Party: he, who was identifiable at the first glance because of his deformity and his great forehead. Lenin , Victor Serge. Recent blog posts.

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