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    Retrieved 29 March Retrieved 23 July In her second year, her English teacher made contact with students in the US. Margot started corresponding with Betty Ann Wagner. We never feel safe, because we border directly on Germany and we are only a small country. From May onwards, the Nazis occupied the Netherlands. The antisemitic measures increasingly restricted the lives of Jews in the Netherlands. After the summer break of , Margot had to leave the Lyceum for Girls and transfer to the Jewish Lyceum.

    Margot's first report card from the Jewish Lyceum, which she received on 3 July , was no surprise. She would move up cum laude if that existed at school , she is so brainy! Her parents feared for her life and decided to go into hiding the next day. From 6 July onwards, Margot, together with her parents and Anne, hid in an empty part of her father's business premises. She shared a room with her sister. Then there were eight people in hiding on two floors. From the moment Fritz Pfeffer joined them, Margot slept in her parents' room. This must not have been easy on a sixteen-year-old girl.

    Margot Molyneux – Margot Molyneux

    Margot worked hard in the Secret Annex. In addition, Margot helped Fritz Pfeffer with his Dutch.

    Margot saw a future for herself as a maternity nurse in Palestine. It became clear how alone she must have felt, when Anne and Peter fell in love. When Anne suspected that her sister also had feelings for Peter, Margot denied this.

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    The people in hiding managed to stay out of the hands of the Nazis for more than two years, but fate struck on 4 August According to Victor Kugler, who was present at the arrest, 'Margot was weeping silently. After the Westerbork transit camp, the eight people in hiding ended up in the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration and extermination camp.

    The men and women were separated on the platform. In Auschwitz-Birkenau, Margot and the other prisoners were forced to cut sods or carry stones. The camp management regularly organised selections: those who were deemed fit for work by the Nazi doctors were deported to Nazi Germany, while the sick or seriously weakened prisoners were murdered in the gas chambers.