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Brand new unopened. Not the cheapest one on eBay but all proceeds go to charity Please check my other auctions. It may seem like a bunch of random stuff b Introducing the most stylish and versatile docking station in the world. The innovative technology packed into the Newp This is an original halftone print of Miss Dinah Shore and scenes from her television show; she is seen with Jud Conlon's Rhythmaires.

Shore was a part of the big band movement in America and was Foxfire highlights the twentieth year of the Foxfire high school program with a new volume as fascinating as its predecessors. Included are general stores, the Jud Nelson wagon, a praying rock, a C Description: This plug and play mouse offers precise navigation and easy setup. Text by W. The attacks of September 11, were among the most pictured disasters in history, yet they remain, a decade later, underrepresented in cultural discourse--particularly within the realm of contemporary art.

Kunstverein Schwerte in Germany invited the artists Christian Freudenberger and Markus Karstiess to develop a project around the idea of the cave as a place of creativity. Shedding Light shows how different creative disciplines use light, looking at more than lighting objects.

Foreword by Chris Dercon and Hugo Bongers. Shine revels in the happy sheen, presenting wishful fantasies and visions of the future by 18 contemporary artists whose work offers different gleams of optimism. Family photographs are a universally familiar genre, and an intimate one, which makes this collection an accessible entry point for its deceptively simple but deeply complex social and representational issues.

This monumental new book explores the recent history of exhibition-making, looking at the radical shifts that have taken place in the practice of curating contemporary art over the last 20 years. Signs Taken in Wonder highlights the narrative aspects of contemporary artistic production in Istanbul, both in art and in literature.

Foreword by Kathy Halbreich. Introduction by Rudi Fuchs. Between October and September , 14 site-specific artist's projects were installed in the city of Barcelona, at the initiation of the Espai Poblenou Foundation. The influential German art gallery Situation Kunst Art as Situation was founded in the s to present contemporary art as a sensory experience, alongside objects from Asia and Africa. Situational Diagram is a collection of essays and creative propositions by cultural theorists, philosophers, artists and activists.

Six Feet Under collects an international array of contemporary and historical artworks, some dating back to the sixteenth century, that take on the topic of death and decay. In art, death is a universal subject. SkypeLab fosters collaboration among digital artists and curators from Melbourne, Shanghai and Reutlingen. Using the space of a public gallery as a field for reflection and debate, this volume extends the process of six artists that make up the Sleepwalkers project.

Foreword by Judith Richards. Slightly Unbalanced surveys the prevalence of psychological neurosis as a subject in contemporary art. Foreword by Barbara Schroeder. A collaborative sound-art project by artists from Europe, North America and Japan, Social Music documents a series of broadcasts on Kunstradio in Vienna. Foreword by Elysia Borowy-Reeder. Sonic Rebellion: Music as Resistance is inspired by the vital history of music in Detroit and the legacy of the Detroit Rebellion. Text by Yves Aupetitallot, Jef Cornelis. Sonsbeek , curated by Wim Beeren, introduced film, video and environmental art through works by Robert Smithson, Panamarenko and Claes Oldenburg.

Sotto Voce maps the historical progression of the abstract white relief from the s to the s.

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Soundings: A Contemporary Score investigates the ways in which some of the most innovative contemporary artists are working with sound today. Text by Arthur Larrue. Soundwalk is an international sound collective founded in the early s by Stephan Crasneanscki and based in New York City. April 12, marks the acclaimed fiftieth anniversary of Yuri Gagarin's voyage into space. The catalogue addresses the ever-decreasing boundaries between nature and artificiality. In , Rotterdam and Porto, the cultural capitals of Europe for that year, were besieged by international artists invited to design projects that explored these two cities and their spaces.

Text by Xaviera Simmons, et al. This publication explores the relationships between works by 21 contemporary women artists and the women writers they acknowledge and reference, from Mary Wollstonecraft to Octavia Butler. Subversive Practices explores European and South American experimental and conceptual art practices established between the s and s under the influence of military dictatorships.

Ten well-established artists from across the Maghreb, Levant, and Gulf in conversations moderated by experts on contemporary Middle Eastern art. Summer Autumn Winter Text by Friederike Assandri, et al. In a longstanding Chinese folk custom, paper replicas of money and goods are ritually burned as offerings to win the favor of ancestors, gods and spirits. Interview with Bernard Ceysson by Rachel Stella.

Text by Octavio Camargo, Jennifer Gabrys. Vrhovec Sambolec, Jana Winderen. The latest Surface Tension gathers the fruits of the Manual project, a collaborative sound-art venture undertaken by six international artists. It includes a randomly chosen CD by one of the contributors.

Susanne Kriemann

A collaboration between artist Sophie Warren, architect Jonathan Mosley and writer Robin Wilson, Beyond Utopia looks at the practicalities of utopian thinking in urban planning and administrative culture. Continuing the work initiated in Surface Tension: Problematics of Site, this second in the Supplement series engages questions of location and performative interventionist practices through essays and creative projects.

Introduction by Lawrence Rinder. Interview by Bill Berkson.

Translation by Michael Tweed. Christ, Iris Dressler, Paul B. Text by Daniel G. This magnificent volume features a remarkable collection of largely unseen photographs of the Beat Generation by renowned Magnum photographer Burt Glinn. Foreword by Claudia Gould. This collection of alphabets features the work of artists, designers, musicians and curators.

Atkins, Frederic A. Modernity took many forms in s Japan, but in the tumultuous years before militarism pushed the country toward global aggression, it was most visibly associated with a glittering consumer culture. This volume offers an in-depth exploration of contemporary moving-image art, examining the ways in which "the cinematic" has blurred cultural distinctions between reality and illusion. Interview by Gerald A. Matt, Verena Konrad. The Circus as a Parallel Universe takes the circus as a metaphor for the art world--a platform for transgression against the existing world order.

Foreword by Laura Steward. Introduction by Nancy M. Text by Sarah Lewis, Daniel Belasco. Text by Mara Ambro? In this luxurious volume, 60 artists from 22 African countries explore Dante's The Divine Comedy , employing a broad range of artistic media such as painting, photography, sculpture, video, installation and performance. The Domestic Plane documents the interlinked exhibition series of the same name at the Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum, a "meta-group exhibition in five chapters.

Text by Jeremy Wood. Screenplay by Atom Egoyan. Text by Michael Tarantino. Featuring poems, artist's projects, film stills and photographs, The Event Horizon presents the work of over 15 European artists and is based on an exhibit held at the Irish Museum of Modern Art. Irony is one of the defining characteristics of postmodernism, but is it a meaningful strategy today? Introduction by Dominic Molon. Text by Anthony Huberman, Kelly Shindler. Jones, W. Foreword by Erlend G. Murison, Christopher Atkins. Serving as a repository of memory and atonement, the titular mansion itself functions as a portrait of the family's collective trauma.

The Human Factor: The Figure in Contemporary Sculpture brings together the work of over 25 leading international artists, in whose practice the human form plays a central role. The Luminous West unites 33 artists from two generations to define the artistic landscape of Germany's Rhineland and North Rhine-Westphalia regions. As contemporary art in India becomes more widely recognized within the country, there has also been a growing awareness of its growth and impact internationally. Text by Michael Connor. Foreword by Linda Shearer. Introduction by Toby Kamps. Nearly 20 artists came together to create a Gesamtkunstwerk installation addressing the precarious state of Europe.

Essay by Frances Richard. Drawing on s cul p tural paradigms as diverse as paper-doll books, Mad magazine fold-ins and exploded schematic diagrams, the artists in The Paper Sculpture Book offer a hands-on, self-contained art show. Text by Carel Blotkamp. The People's Art invokes the Dutch tradition of intense social organization, spread across every aspect of government, interest groups and human relations.

Foreword by Lawrence Rinder. Combining studio, classroom, library, gallery and stage, The Possible offered a new model of museum exhibition. Traversing a variety of mediums, this publication explores Christian themes in secular art from the past 25 years. Acknowledgements by Claudia Gould. At first glance, The Puppet Show seems a flip title.

Like the European Romantics, Fluxus artists were intent on changing society through reverie and imagination. Its goal is to support young international artists. Text by Ericka Beckman, A. The payoff doubles each time tails appears. This anthology summarizes seven years of exhibitions at the Swiss Institute in New York. Text by Michael Taussig, Breyten Breytenbach. Western art has long nurtered an idyllic dream of "the tropics," absorbing larger cultural longings for exoticism, armchair travel, uninhibited sensuality and the rejection of industrialized civilization.

Preface by Katharina Blaas, Christiane Kreijs. Text by Jumana Al Yaziri, et al. Edited by Barry Blinderman. Contributions by Claire Jervert, Oliver Wasow. Appearances of blinking ellipsoids, whirling orbs and other such sinister sightings have been reported throughout history, but nowhere has the idea of contact with extraterrestrials taken hold so powerfully as in the postwar United States.

Media images of terrorist acts ingrain themselves in the collective memory with a pungency against which we seem almost powerless. Text by C. This catalog accompanies an exhibition examining contemporary understandings of freedom. Text by Horst Bredekamp, et al. The Vertigo of Reality explores the profound changes in art as a result of digital media, such as video games. This volume explores artistic representation of today's increasingly precarious work and social spheres within advanced economies.

Reflections from a Damaged Life? Edited by Christian Malycha. Text by Theodor W. Preface by Dieter Rampl. Thinking Europe: The Scenario Book is a curatorial project that aims to construct a representation of the European community from the perspective of the arts. Text by Ivy G. Wilson, H. Masters, Lindsey Reynolds. Preface by Karin Zimmer. Text by Holger Ventura, Gerardo Mosquera. What effect can art have in the face of current conflict? In this volume, curators, theorists, artists and writers argue for methods of map-making that go beyond geographic representation.

Text by Esther Buss, Alexander R. Galloway, Hans Ulrich Reck, et al. Foreword by Hugh M. In a "post-Latin American" age, Latin American art has taken a postmodern tack, mindful of borders and identity politics but not determined by them. Text by Ludwig Seyfarth, Zdenek Felix. The radical metamorphosis of everyday objects has emerged as an increasingly prominent theme in contemporary art, demonstrating that the legacy of the Surrealist object has only gained in significance.

Text by William Warmus, Laura Burkhalter. Transparencies brings together a group of international artists whose work explores glass as both medium and as subject matter. Text by Mark Gisbourne, et al. Drawing from contemporary art as well as the work of old masters, Truth attempts to confront art's relationship with truth and the acquisition of knowledge. Text by Friedrich W. Typemotion looks at a variety of artistic productions in which type is animated--from feature films and advertising to artworks and music videos--with examples from 20 countries dating from to the present.

Under 30 presents annual award-winning young up-and-coming Swiss artists. Employing artificial materials to create simulations of nature, the 18 artists featured in UnNaturally explore the ways in which the boundaries between nature and culture are sometimes blurred. Unsettled Landscapes , published for Santa Fe's inaugural SITElines Biennial, looks at the urgencies, political conditions and historical narratives that inform the work of contemporary artists across the Americas. The transition between a dream and reality is sometimes blurry and jagged--moments of panic, confusion, fear, joy, a trail of thoughts that carries emotions from one world to the next.

Vienna Actionism was the most extreme artistic project of the s, mostly preceding and always surpassing the other performance art, body art and happenings in terms of sheer violent excess. Tragedy Machine follows an exhibition of new sculptures, architectural installations and a four-act theatrical production by London-based collective Villa Design Group at the List Visual Arts Center. Inspired by visions of the Virgin Mary in the tenth century, the works presented in this volume explore the persistence of visions in contemporary art.

Preface by David Schwartz. Walkers explores the reimagining and recycling of Hollywood iconography in contemporary art and the way that movies live on in our personal and cultural memories. Text by Uta Caspary. Eisenman, Nicole R. Fleetwood, Michel Foucault, et al. Walls Turned Sideways accompanies the largest museum presentation to investigate the criminal justice system in the US. What is the social role and responsibility of the artist in times of political urgency?

Text by Shamim M. Featuring the work of 14 Los Angeles artists, the exhibition Wasteland and its accompanying catalogue are inspired by the unlikely meeting, in the city of Paris, of the LA-as-cultural-wasteland myth with T. We Need to Talk bursts open the conventions of the bound book, consisting of 10 posters that, folded twice, become 80 single pages. Edited with text by Dan Nadel. What Nerve! What We Call Love explores how the notion of love has evolved within the 20th century.

How have seismic sociological changes concerning sexuality, marriage and intimacy affected the way we conceive love today? Trash Rubbish Mongo examines the work of artists who use garbage as their artistic medium, creating art that mirrors our alienation and consumerism. This richly illustrated reader reflects on Africa at the beginning of the twenty-first century using literary and scientific texts and essays.

Edited by Freek Lomme. Text by Dr. Only accountable to ourselves, Who told you so?! This catalogue gathers work that explores recent changes in the perception of nature. Essays by Homi Bhabha and Orhan Pamuk. Text by Matthias Frehner, et al. Introduction by LeRonn Brooks. Text by Jordan D.

Schnitzer, Elizabeth Bilyeu. When justice is at stake, artists have spearheaded challenging conversations. The work in this book bears witness to stories that challenge dominant paradigms. Introduction by Judi Chicago. Inspired by Judy Chicago and Miriam Schapiro's landmark installation and performance space Womanhouse, and featuring work by 36 international artists, Women House challenges conventions about gender and the domestic space. Introduction by Mette Marcus and Kirsten Degel. Text by Ruth Hemus.

This catalogue explores the relationship between the written word and art and film. World and System takes A. The suburbs have always been a fertile space for imagining both the best and the worst of modern social life. Borrowing its title from a George Brecht aphorism, Yesterday Will Be Better examines a recent upsurge in the use of mnemonics in art. Text by Naima J. Keith, Thomas Lax, Jay Sanders. This book explores the form of the ziggurat a rectangular stepped structure as a motif in the work of General Idea, the artist collective active between and The legendary art collective Nul was founded in Amsterdam in Distributed Art Publishers, Inc.

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For reproduction permissions, contact the copyright holders. The D. Catalog www. Preface by Rubell Family. Capturing the Moment Edited with text by Xiaohui Guo. Casa Tomada Introduction by Irene Hofmann. Constructing the World Edited with text by Sebastian Baden. Kiefer Hablitzel Preface by Judith Welter. Performa 15 Foreword by Germano Celant. Text by RoseLee Goldberg. Psyche and Politics In a globalized world with new methods of communication, the mind is becoming a political arena. Strange Attractor Edited by Gryphon Rue. Vienna Biennale for Change Taking an interdisciplinary perspective on fine art, design and architecture, the Vienna Biennale for Change instigates a debate on values for the digital age.

Wilderness Edited with text by Esther Schlicht. For 14 Rooms , curators Klaus Biesenbach and Hans Ulrich Obrist invited artists to each activate a room and explore the relationship between space, time and physicality with an artwork whose "material" is the human being. The s were a groundbreaking decade for contemporary art in the United Arab Emirates, a radical moment when artists in the UAE explored experimental new formats, formed art collectives and founded journals. Text by Christian Egger, et al. This volume looks at artworks situated between photography and sculpture.

Text by Sandy Nairne, Sarah Howgate. The BP Portrait Award is the world's leading showcase for painters working in portraiture. Since its inception in , the Berlin Biennale has developed into a primary forum for contemporary art. This sixth Biennale is curated by Kathrin Rhomberg and is themed around the idea of contemporaneity itself. Abstrakt Contributions by Christine Buci-Glucksmann. After the Reality Text by Kentaro Ichihara.

Altered States Edited with text by Milena Mercer. Among Heroes Preface by Ellen Seifermann. Animal Spirits Edited by Karen Marta. Animations Edited by Klaus Biesenbach. Ape Culture Edited by Hila Peleg. Apocalyptic Wallpaper Edited by Annetta Massie. Architektonika Edited by Matilda Felix. Art Basel Unlimited Every year, between 50 and 70 artists are invited to the exceptional platform Unlimited , which defies limitations and experiments with new forms of presentation.

Twenty years of experimental art from a globalized China Published on the occasion of the largest exhibition of contemporary art from China ever mounted in North America, organized by the Solomon R. Art and the City Edited by Christoph Doswald. Art in the Age of Edited by Valerio Terraroli. Art or Sound Introduction by Germano Celant.

Artists for Artists Edited by Eric Banks. Automatic Cities By Robin Clark. Barcelona Sculptures Essay by Jaume Capo. Big Picture Preface by Marion Ackermann. Booster Edited by Marta Herford. Catch Me Edited by Peter Pakesch. China Edited by Lorenzo Sassoli de Bianchi. Color in Flux Edited by Peter Friese. Command Z Text by Lisa Moren. Create Edited by Lawrence Rinder. Creating Ourselves Edited by Emily Butler.

Disaster Text by Michael Bracewell. Double Life Edited by Joanna Ahlberg. Endless Shout Edited with text by Anthony Elms. Exile on Main Street During Pop art's heyday in the s, a small headstrong group presented themselves as artists' artists rather than media darlings. Family Ties Edited by Trevor Fairbrother.

Fantastic Prayers Artwork by Tony Oursler. Focus Asia Edited by Philipp Bollmann. For Real Essay by Martijn van Nieuwenhuyzen. Fourth Plinth Foreword by Grayson Perry. Fractured Figure: Vol. Free to Love Introduction by Jesse Pires. Function Dysfunction Since the s, Glasgow has developed a thriving art culture. Generation Loss Edited with text by Julia Stoschek. Hacking Habitat confronts a theme affecting a wide audience: the way we are controlled by technological systems, and the way counterforces can be organized.

Edited by Samuel Saelemakers. Heart of Darkness Foreword by Kathy Halbreich. History is Now Foreword by Ralph Rugoff. Huckleberry Finn Edited by Jens Hoffmann. Human Condition Edited by Peter Pakesch. Image Anxiety This volume looks at the relationship between image production and conditions of anxiety across the booming economies of Asia, from Korea to China to Japan. Imi Knoebel: Help, Oh, Help Inventing Abstraction, By Leah Dickerman. Ironic Edited by Claudia Emmert. Is This Tomorrow? Konkret Edited by Simone Schimpf.

Landscape Confection Essay by Helen Molesworth. Lights On Edited by Gunnar B. Live Forever Edited and introduction by Teresa Calonje. Love Edited by by Danilo Eccher. Made in Rome Edited by Manuel Blanco. Madly in Love By Germano Celant. Mirrored Edited by Mats Stjernstedt.

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Mo ve ment Edited by Wolfgang Fetz. Modern Utopias Modern Utopias is published to accompany a long-term touring exhibition that tells the story of the utopias of the 20th and 21st centuries through great works from the collection of the Centre Pompidou in Paris. Money is inextricably linked to history; in one century it seems to be a good thing, in another evil, then it becomes almost invisible.

Here, artists are invited to explore the theme of national identity as it is experienced in everyday life. Nuage Edited by Michele Moutashar. On the Road Edited by Gloria Moure. Out of Beirut Edited by Suzanne Cotter. Para Fictions Edited with text by Natasha Hoare. Politics of Form Edited by Hans D. Portable Art Edited by Celia Forner. Portrait of a Generation Introduction by Kathy Grayson.

Producing Futures Edited with text by Heike Munder. Text by Leonhard Emmerling. Reinventing Abstraction Text by Raphael Rubinstein. Remote Viewing Edited by Paul Young. Resistance Performed Edited by Heike Munder. Revolution in the Making Edited by Paul Schimmel,? Sad Songs Edited by Barry Blinderman. September 11 Edited by Peter Eleey. Shedding Light Edited by Beppe Finessi. Situational Diagram Edited with text by Begum Yasar. Smoky Pokership Edited by Sibylle Omlin. Sonsbeek , Edited by Yves Aupetitallot. Species Text by Ludwig Seyfarth. Squatters Contributions by Bartomeu Mari.

Streetopia Edited by Erick Lyle. Subversive Practices Edited by Hans D. Supermarket of the Dead Edited by Wolfgang Scheppe. Surface Tension Supplement No. Essay by Jack Kerouac. Unseen images of the Beats, including many—uniquely—in color This magnificent volume features a remarkable collection of largely unseen photographs of the Beat Generation by renowned Magnum photographer Burt Glinn.

The Dissolve Edited by Sarah King. The East Village Scene Reviewing the fertile melting pot of downtown New York in the late s and early s, The East Side Scene excavates the nightclubs and galleries where that decade's defining art was first exhibited. The St. There Is Things are Queer Edited by Marta Herford. Transactions Edited by Stephanie Hanor. Transformed Objects Preface by Monika Schnetkamp.

Truth Edited by Thomas Rusche.

UnExhibit Edited by Sabine Folie. Under 30 XII. Wall Work Edited with text by Gabriele Knapstein. We Need to Talk Special subjects require special book formats. Who Told You So?! Worlds Away Edited by Andrew Blauvelt. Notwithstanding their considerable differences and individuality--one would hardly expect them to have a lover in common--Louise Bourgeois, Marlene Dumas, Paul McCarthy and Raymond Pettibon share an artistic intent to explore eroticism and sexuality. With a mix of irreverence and sincerity, artists John Baldessari and Meg Cranston here tackle nothing less than the question of God.

Foreword by Andrew Graham-Dixon. With over illustrations by 50 artists, 21st-Century Portraits explores new developments in the representation of the human form and face as well as the continuing appeal of commissioned portraiture. From its inception in the s, the Rubell Collection has been able to boast a particularly fine range of African-American art. This book--accompanied by a DVD containing excerpts of all featured works and additional materials--tracks 40 years of German video art, from to the present.

Erkmen's installations interpret socially and historically implicit architecture, while Floyer's light projections, videos, photographs and sculptures seem to lack underlying themes. Abstract Resistance considers the metaphor of resistance as a political and compositional force defining the art of the past half-century. Access to Israel Foreword by Raphael Gross.

Introduction by Eva Atlan. Africa Remix is one of the only comprehensive publications on young contemporary art of the last decade in and from Africa. Amateurs Edited by Ralph Rugoff. Premiered in St. This volume takes its cue from the ethnological concept of animism, a term for religions that view objects as having souls of their own.

Et Al. Contributions by Michael Archer. Art and Climate Edited and with text by Raimar Stange. Preface by Hemma Schmutz, Gabriele Spindler. Chicago is known as a center of innovation in architecture, literature and music, but Art in Chicago is the first broad overview of its twentieth-century fine art. This volume investigates the historical and contemporary use of projected images in art, from the screen to the exhibition space and back again. Assume vivid astro focus avaf for short is an artists' collective whose members prefer not to let the public know their names.

In the form of a geographic atlas, this volume initiates dialogue between art and other disciplines such as the sciences, sociology and politics. A companion volume to 's See This Sound , this all-embracing compendium brings together texts on the various art forms that have combined sound and image. Text by Lucy Orta, Joanne Entwistle. Through clothing, we celebrate or suppress identity, indicate allegiances and communicate our positions, aspirations and desires. Baja to Vancouver Edited by Ralph Rugoff. Based in Berlin showcases some 80 emerging artists currently living and working in Berlin, pursuing practices ranging from painting and drawing to sculpture, photography, film and video, text, performance and installation.

The greatest cultural accomplishments in history have never been the result of the brainstorms of marketing men, corporate focus groups, or any homogenized methods; they have always happened organically. Introduction by Thomas D. Before the Law looks at a variety of sculptors who tackle the political dimensions of existential personhood. Stolen and appropriated imagery has proved to be the principle means by which artists have challenged the image industry that they must constantly compete with. Between Zones explores the possibilities of documenting time-based works.

Bibbidi, Bobbidi, Boo! Edited by David Hunt. When Cinderella's fairy godmother transforms her, the magic words are "bibbidi, bobbidi, boo! Spanning several generations, from Dada to the present, Blind Cut explores notions surrounding the themes of fiction and deception. Foreword by Karola Kraus. Text by Walter Moser, Christina Natlacen. Body as Protest highlights the photographic representation of the human body as a radical expression of protest against social, political and aesthetic norms.

Foreword by Nancy Doll. Contemporary art, with its inherent contradictions, ambiguities, and market alliances, is an idiosyncratic--even problematic--lens through which to examine situations borne of economic necessity. Bridge The Gap? Hans Ulrich Obrist once organized a science and art conference with all of the infrastructure of a conference--the parties, chats, lunches, airport arrivals--but with no actual conference. Broken Screen is comprised of informal conversations between artist Doug Aitken and a roster of 26 carefully chosen artists, filmmakers, designers and architects.

Catholic No. Make us something about cats. As Japan sped through modernization and technological advancement in the late twentieth century, complex influences shaped its Modern and contemporary art. Chinese art has never been so prominent and ubiquitous as in recent years, and in China Art Book we have the definitive guide to the country's leading lights. A new world is emerging in China, with urbanization and the wholesale globalization of daily life moving at unprecedented speed. China's brush-and-ink traditions remain vital in contemporary Chinese art; the genre is continually under renewal by successive generations of artists.

Danger: This book is sinfully delicious, sweet, and chocolaty! It's no wonder that many an artist has been transfixed by the delicately irresistible, melt-in-your-mouth consistency of chocolate. Preface by Stephanie Rachum. Text by Jacob Wamberg, John Gage, et al. What is color? From Aristotle and Plato through Newton and Goethe to Wittgenstein, philosophers and scientists have worked to understand and categorize color, while artists have made their own efforts to demonstrate its enigmatic logics. Cartoon and comic book imagery are suddenly ubiquitous. This exhibition catalogue posits falling in love as a radical action.

This lavish publication takes a fresh approach to the curating of a private collection, the Hong Kong-based Burger Collection. In recent years, critics and curators have pursued fascinating lines of analogy and sympathy between the sculptural oeuvres of Constantin Brancusi and Richard Serra born Some, like the Tasmanian tiger, are considered extinct--yet sightings are still reported. Some, like the giant squid, existed only as rumors until hard evidence finally appeared. The comic book, the cartoon strip and the single-panel gag are recurring motifs in twentieth-century art, providing a platform for narrative, political critique, graphic clarity, and, of course, fun.

Text by Brian Dillon, Marina Warner. Curiosity explores the notion of intellectual and creative curiosity. Compiled in association with author and U. Introduction by David Gordon. The moving picture, film, and television have exerted an unmatched influence throughout the twentieth century, equally documenting and constructing our reality.

Interview with Paul Chan, Helen Molesworth. Dance and the visual arts have had a longstanding inter-relationship, but until now there has been no authoritative portrayal of their shared characteristics. Dead Flowers Edited by Lia Gangitano. Based on the work of director and cult legend Timothy Carey , Dead Flowers features new scholarship on this brilliant actor and filmmaker. Decadence Now Decadence Now! Text by Lubo Merhaut, Daniel Vojtech. Twenty years after the fall of Augusto Pinochet, Chilean artists are still confronting the legacy of his dictatorship.

In its capacity as a critical, historical and utopian medium, drawing has experienced a reevaluation--above all since the s--as a conceptual form within the sphere of Minimalism and Conceptual art. Essays by Daniel Birnbaum and Harold Garfinkel. The Do It book contains artworks by more than international artists in the form of do-it-yourself text instructions to be completed by the reader.

Text by Bruce Altschuler. Based on the concept of a do-it-yourself manual, Do It provides step by step instructions for producing actions, artworks and events that can be constructed and conducted either at home or at a museum. Borders are artificial constructs, but can be deadly to cross. They present one of the central social and cultural themes of our time. Foreword by Marti Mayo. Double Consciousness explores the conceptual art practices of African-American artists over the past 35 years, using as its underpinning, the "reflexive" nature of art-making which emerged with the avant-garde of the late s.

Photographs by Cindy Sherman. Edited by Sabine Breitwieser, Pierre Huyghe. To be able to take one's self off like a jacket and put on another self--who hasn't occasionally wished it were possible? Foreword by Tom Finkelpearl. An international array of artists including Isamu Noguchi, Jenny Holzer and Vito Acconci have been using the garden as a vehicle for commentary on social and political issues, in both public and private realms. Photographs by Richard Kern, David Wojnarowicz. Edited by Julie Ault, Dan Cameron.

Contributions by Carlo McCormick. Text by Simon Rees, Sabine B. East by South West catalogues a project for which 21 internationally renowned curators were invited to develop exhibitions for 21 Vienna galleries with artists from Eastern and Southeastern Europe. Ecomedia Edited by Sabine Himmelsbach. In recent years the idea of ecology as a communications system in which humans, animals and organic materials occupy equivalent status has gained in authority. To whose advantage and disadvantage are ecosystems destroyed? Introduction by Claudia Schmuckli. Elevator to the Gallows Edited by Gerald Matt.

Interview by Gerald Matt, Banks Violette. Text by Neville Wakefield. Empty Dress Edited by Nina Felshin. Engagement Party Edited by Elizabeth Hamilton. Introduction by Aandrea Stang. Engagement Party chronicles a four-year program at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, presenting new projects by Southern California-based artist collectives and collaborators working in the field of social practice.

Text by Fabrice Bousteau. Ethnic Marketing Edited by Tirdad Zolghadr. Ten years ago, EVN Sammlung, an Austrian power company, set itself the task of collecting the most intensely contemporary art it could lay hands on, without concern for how the work would mature. Example: Switzerland Text by Friedemann Malsch, et al. This substantial and ambitious volume compiles paintings, drawings, photographs, installations and objects on the theme of space, as instanced in Swiss art of the past years. Examples to Follow! Edited by Adrienne Goehler.

Edited by Marc-Olivier Wahler. Foreword by Dieter von Graffenried. The inspiration for this book can be found in the question posed in its subtitle. Eye Infection Essay by Robert Storr. Here are five artists rarely mentioned in the same sentence--and never before collected together in one book. Towering skyscrapers, manned space flights, the Olympics From some angles, the new China is a country of dreams fulfilled, of glory and pride.

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Over the last 40 years, Ingvild Goetz has assembled one of the world's most important and adventurous collections of media art. Conversations with Benjamin H. The last decade of the Cold War era left a legacy greater than legwarmers. Flashback takes a close and critical look at what many see as the decade of painting. Flight Patterns Contributors include Cornelia H. Flight Patterns highlights contemporary artists primarily working in the Pacific Basin--Southern California, Canada, New Zealand and Australia--whose work addresses the specific topographical conditions and experience of living in this geographically and geopolitically dynamic region.

Since , the influential independent Geneva art space Forde has provided an open environment for experimental curatorial programming, encouraging critical dialogues across disciplines. Free Radicals Edited by Leif Goldberg. Free Radicals , a book of comics and drawings, is the product of the seminal Providence, Rhode Island Paper Rodeo group and its eponymous underground comics tabloid. Freeway Balconies Edited by Collier Schorr. Published to accompany the Deutsche Guggenheim survey curated by American artist Collier Schorr, Freeway Balconies unfolds more as an artist's book than a straightforward exhibition catalogue.

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Friendly Fire Essays by Leonhard Emmerling. The term "friendly fire"--the inadvertent attack of military units by their allies--is a concise means of subsuming incomprehensible and paradoxical circumstances under one slogan. A distinguishing characteristic of contemporary Chinese art is a fusion between traditional Asian forms and references to Western art and pop culture.

Edited by Alfredo Jaar, Osvaldo Sanchez. Contributions by Carmen Cuenca, Michael Krichman. Taking the city as a laboratory, Fugitive Sites challenges the predictable radicality of global art projects, the usual notions of site specificity, community engagement, artistic practice and public space. Funny Cuts Preface by Christian von Holst. Gateways introduces a generation of young artists whose work deals with the changing conditions of a networked world that is increasingly influenced by new media. Foreword by Dietrich Kramer. Over the past 20 years, the Vienna-based Generali Foundation has established itself as an internationally distinguished institution, with countless must-see exhibitions of conceptual and critical intermedia art to its name.

The paintings of Vincent van Gogh remain as relevant as ever, exerting an ever-profound influence on generations of artists. Going Staying Text by Volker Adolphs. Are you staying or are you going? Goodbye to London Edited by Astrid Proll. A decidedly edgy tenor permeated London's counterculture in the s.

Greater New York , jointly organized by P. Butler, Neville Wakefield. The third iteration of the quintennial exhibition organized by P. This provocative publication explores the reexamination and the redeployment of forms and devices drawn from Minimal art by numerous contemporary artists. Heavy Metal Edited by Dirk Luckow. Whether iron, steel, aluminum, lead, bronze, silver or gold, metal can be worked and shaped in a wide variety of ways, affording artists considerable scope for expression.

Noyes and Max Henry. Introduction by Richard Hamilton. Home may be a house or an apartment or a cardboard box, but it is never just that. While Western Modernism rejected narrative, and Western contemporary art is just now coming around again, India boasts a strong tradition of contemporary figurative, narrative painting. How Many Billboards? Edited by Peter Noever. In an urban zone crisscrossed by multilane freeways and gridded with broad boulevards, the roadside billboards of Los Angeles may well be the city's most visible platform for art.

At the end of the s, a group of American painters stepped out of the shadows of Abstract Expressionism and turned towards the tradition of painterly realism. Icelandic Art Today offers a broad survey of the diverse creative trends unfolding in Iceland. Icelandic culture is so strongly oriented towards language that the visual arts didn't truly begin to develop until the early twentieth century--which is remarkable for a Western country.

In an age of increasing mobility and dissolving social bonds, the yearning for intimacy and security grows steadily stronger in western society. Ils Sont Peintres They are Painters considers paintings that have avoided the figurative, narrative, Neo-Expressionist trends that have defined the medium in recent years. Cowe, Dominique Lobstein, Vanessa Lecomte.

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Stretching from Paris to Le Havre, the Seine river and the valley flanking it afford some of France's loveliest views. Short story by Emilio Coccimiglia. Text by Adrian Dannatt. A modern-day meditation on the beauty, rigor, luxury and understated power of high Minimalism. This text-heavy exhibition catalogue focuses on self-confident, nonconformist Feminist positions, pointing out that new role models and strategies are being requested. Contributions by Jerome Sans. Afterword by Peter Selz. Until recently, the figurative artists who dominated the Los Angeles art scene of the s and 50s had largely been written out of art history.

Raw is an attempt to right that wrong. Essays by Andrew Gellatly and Peter Kroher. At first glance, the artist and the scientist don't seem to have very much in common. One deals with aesthetics, emotions, and visual power, while the other works with facts, verifiable proof, and academic rigor. What is the role of laughter and humor in contemporary art? Le Surrealisme c'est moi! Edited by Gerald A. Matt, Catherine Millet, August Ruhs. Interviews by Gerald A.

LeWitt x 2 Introduction by Stephen Fleischman. Essays by Dean Swanson and Martin Friedman. LeWitt x 2 offers a unique perspective on the work of renowned Minimalist and Conceptualist Sol LeWitt, documenting the arc of his career alongside his personal collection of contemporary art. Louise Bourgeois has said, "For me, sculpture is the body. My body is my sculpture.

In December , a group of five young German artists, all recent graduates of the prestigious Leipzig Art Academy, organized a small exhibition of their works in Leipzig. Light Art. Foreword by Judith Richards and Ralph Rugoff. Over 40 years ago, Andy Warhol promoted the concept that artists are celebrities, just as worthy of portrayal as other cultural icons. Text by Manfred Hermes, Eva Illouz. Love Is Colder than Capital brings together 16 artists who explore the interrelationships of economics and emotions in society.