Geriatrics (Health and Medical Issues Today)

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Urinary incontinence can lead to problems such as falls, depression, and isolation. In most cases, incontinence can be cured or greatly improved with treatment.

Geriatric palliative care: a view of its concept, challenges and strategies

Sleep problems can affect your quality of life and can contribute to falls, injuries, and other health problems. If you have trouble sleeping at night or feel sleepy during the day, tell your healthcare provider so they can identify the type of sleep problem you have.

Senior Health: Geriatrics Care in Manhatan, NYC

Many older adults who go to the emergency room or are admitted to the hospital develop delirium. Delirium is a state of sudden confusion.

Delirium is a medical emergency, similar to chest pain. Dementia, most simply, is a memory problem significant enough to affect your ability to carry out your usual tasks. Various tests can help determine whether you or someone you care for might have dementia and what type it might be.

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If so, there are treatments that can improve function and slow down the disease. Falls are a leading cause of serious injury in older people. Society wants to minimize the health care and economic costs associated with an increasing older population.

San Antonio Geriatric Services

The science of aging indicates that chronic disease and disability are not inevitable. As a result, health promotion and disease prevention activities and programs are an increasing priority for older adults, their families, and the health care system. Many people fail to make the connection between undertaking healthy behaviors today and the impact of these choices later in life. Studies indicate that healthy eating, physical activity, mental stimulation, not smoking, active social engagement, moderate use of alcohol, maintaining a safe environment, social support, and regular health care are important in maintaining health and independence.

Health Service Delivery | Johns Hopkins Geriatric Medicine and Gerontology

Promoting the healthy lifestyles of older people is vital in helping them to maintain health and functional independence and lead healthy and independent lives. Specialized emergency treatment for older adults is provided in an environment that includes softer lighting, safety rails, visual and hearing assistance devices, and mattresses that reduce pressure on the skin and back.

At our Senior ER, patients have hour access to physicians and nurses with high level, specialty training in senior care — addressing their physical, emotional and mental well-being within 30 minutes of arrival. We are a premier location for the University Hospitals Center for Lifelong Health , a complete resource for older adults, designed to help patients and their families navigate the health care system and make the best possible choices.