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Be sure to look up high and down below, as lots of details are packed into this space. First, you must pick between the two styles of astromech units: the R-series the classic R2-D2 style or the BB-series the newer BB-8 style. Once you make your selection, you will be given a blueprint with assembly instructions and a basket to put the parts in. It comes with a special carry box and instructions. However, the personalized building experience is part of the price tag — and you've got a loyal friend for life. There's a wall with all of the available options just to the left of the register.

We’ve got the step-by-step details on how YOU can make a Droid just for you. Roger, roger!

There are no discounts available, including annual passholder. In addition to the regular build-your-own droid at Galaxy's Edge, Droid Depot also has model kits, pre-made and premium droids for sale. These range from small to larger authentic replicas of the droids from the films. The process is basically split into two stages: the parts station and the building station. Each style of droid has four different parts. The BB-series model has a dome, a dome connection plate, a body sphere and a motivator. Meanwhile, the R-series model has a dome, a body, a center leg and a pair of side legs.

How researchers are turning 'Star Wars' droids into reality

These parts come in various styles and colors, so you can mix and match however you please. For easy selection, they move down a conveyor belt. If you miss something or change your mind about a piece, you can put it back on the belt and wait until another comes back around.

After you've selected all four parts, you'll bring your basket to the building station. You'll follow instructions on your placemat or the digital monitors to assemble the parts in the right order. Once it's completed, your droid will be paired with a remote control and activated!

It was toadally cool watching my droid, FG, come to life. These customizable droids use Bluetooth technology to communicate with other astromech units, as well as other elements and objects on Batuu and at Disney parks and resorts. Using the remote control to operate a droid while at the theme parks is not allowed, but you can carry it around in its box so it can interact with these elements in the land and other droids.

After we walked out with FG in its box, we noticed it started to make noise when we passed by the droids outside of the shop. FG also started beeping and chirping around the Millennium Falcon. We chatted with a Batuu resident cast member who mentioned that droids associated with the Resistance will have negative reactions to The First Order. Would you rather build a BB-series or a R-series droid?

What would you name it? Let us know in the comments below! I was wondering if 2 people can experience the whole thing or does only one of them be able to see how the droid comes alive ,pick up the pieces ,etc. One person can be the builder, while one watches - both can definitely be there, but one of you will need to be the appointed "builder!

Just be sure to be mindful of other builders' space if it's busy. Have fun! I have a reservation for 2, the second person doesn't know if she wants to build yet or not. If she decides after the 24 hour window not to, will I still be charged a "no show" for her even she she just shows up to watch me build?

According to the policy, she could be charged if she isn't also building, as that's a reservation they could fill with another paying builder, so we'd do our very best to cancel before the 24 hour window. In practice, cast members tend to be really gracious about this, but we'd defer to the official policy just to be certain. Hope this helps! I have a reservation to build a light saber at am then a reservation to build a droid at Is this realistic or do I need to cancel one?

These were the only times I could get. This is realistic; the saber experience should take a half an hour max, and the two are right next door to one another in case it runs long : Have a great time! Could you tell me more about the personality chips? Like, did you buy one to insert as you were building it? Where do they go? I want to make sure my BB unit is able to communicate with the world as soon as I get him out of the shop and I've never found good info about the chips.

Thanks so much for the kind words! When you hop into Droid Depot, there is a whole wall of personality chips along the back wall. Cast members are available to answer any questions you might have about functionality then, as well. They answered some for us, though we didn't actually get a chip for ours! If you have an appointment, head in early to take a look so that you can pick which one you'd most like for your droid!

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You'll then proceed to the check-in counter, where you'll pick whether you'd like a BB or R unit and pay for the assembly. You'll then head over to begin assembling, first at a conveyor belt, then at a station, and your chip will be inserted during that process a cast member will help you put it in so that you know exactly how to do it yourself when you get home. The process is truly led by you unless you need a little assistance which we toadally did at points - no big deal! It's worth noting that whether or not you have an extra chip, your droid will interact - a lot - with Batuu upon leaving Droid Depot : Let us know how it goes - hoppy building!

How do you think this experience compares vs. I'm wondering about overall experience, product, and price -- if you were to only choose one. Such a tough decision! This really differs from frog to frog.

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Mommy Frog really loved the droid and how it interacted with the park you wouldn't think droids could be cute, but they sure are! The downside is that the box can get heavy, so keep that in mind if you have tadpoles. The lightsaber is more of an overall experience.

Many big Star Wars fans, who are more into collectibles and the details that go into things like building the lightsaber, prefer Savi's. Keep in mind that the lightsaber an awkward shape and will need to be carried around we actually hopped back to our hotel to drop it off once we were done in Galaxy's Edge.

If we had to choose just one, we'd personally choose the droid - but again, highly subjective opinion! Just made reservations for three of us to make one. They tend to the sick and injured. They raise children. No menial, manual, or dangerous task is beyond them. And for a while, they were the only cognizant droids of note, though fans loved the mysterious IG Suddenly, the galaxy was awash with droids that clearly exhibit behaviors identical to self-aware organics. Threepio and Artoo have been part of the gang since The rest are fairly new additions. Do you know why Artoo is the sassiest droid in the known galaxy?

Meanwhile, Threepio has had his memory wiped at least twice, but not since the Clone Wars. The other sentient droids also share this quality. While Chopper frequently has data wipes from his systems to protect the Rebels, Hera has never tweaked his personality or core memories. Cassian Andor apologizes to Jyn for the behavior K-2SO as the deprogramming process seemingly gave the droid or revealed a personality.

BB-8 may be younger but his childlike reactions will mature should he continue to escape memory wipe. Then there are the evil droids. His counterpart, BT-1 is younger but just as alarming.

Darths & Droids

Created as an assassin droid in an astromech chassis, Bee Tee killed his Empire creators, blew up the base, and jettisoned himself into space and freedom. Created as an assassin droid, technically IG is fulfilling his function. Hidden on the design of the ship? A miniature R2-D2 figure. On 'Sesame Street'. They also guest starred on The Muppet Show. This Car.

He must be one hell of a co-driver. This car was seen at the Los Angeles County Fair. In the final frontier. A droid as unstoppable as R2-D2 can't be confined to one science fictional universe. He made cameos in both of the J. In Ice.