Collected Works, Vol. 50: Engels: 1892-1895

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Agricultural dynamics and food security trends in Kenya A. Foeken; S. Soeters; W. Rutten; M. Hees; R. Hemsteede; F.

Collected Works of Marx and Engels, Vol. 36: Vol. 02 Capital

Jarawura; L. Nijzink; G. Jarawura; G. Fighting over forest: toward a shared analysis of livelihood conflicts and conflict management in Ghana M. Derkyi; M. Ros-Tonen; B. Kyereh; A. Dietz; S. Hees; G. Dietz; L. Conflict and cooperation on natural resources: justifying the CoCooN programme G. Frerks; A. Editors: M. Bavinck; L. Pellegrini; E. Dietz; PADev Team. Agricultural dynamics and food security trends in Uganda A. Leliveld; A. Foeken; W. Afrika ontwikkelt zelf, maar niet alleen!

Wastewater re-use for peri-urban agriculture: a viable option for adaptive water management? Kurian; V. Ratna Reddy; A. African agriculture : the potential and the prospects: case studies for Kenya and Tanzania, exploring a method of analysis A. Dietz; W. Agricultural dynamics and food security trends in Tanzania A.

Collected Works of Marx and Engels, Vol. 50: Engels, Correspondence 1892-1895

Klaver; B. Kilama; D. Destructive attraction: factors that influence hunting pressure on the Blue Bird-of-paradise Paradisaea rudolphi M. Kusters; A. Agricultural dynamics and food security trends in Nigeria A. Berendsen; A. Schulte Nordholt; R. Local perceptions of development and change in Northern Ghana A.

Dietz; K. Editors: J. Publicaties over Afrika in Nederland A. Mauritius: ruimtegebrek en suikerriet S. Rijsdijk; A. Climate change, violent conflict and local institutions in Kenya's drylands W. Adano; A. Witsenburg; A. Agricultural consumption and production, - Editors: A. Altaf; W. Klaver; S. Een kleine geschiedenis van Afrika A. Natural resources and conflicts: theoretical flaws and empirical evidence from Northern Kenya W. Editors: K. Witsenburg; F. Participatory assessment of development in Africa A.

Editors: I. Baud; N. De Afrikaanse landbouw als een belofte? Participatory assessment of development initiatives and of European aid to Africa A. Africa: from a continent of states to a continent of cities Editors: A. Soeters; N. Alles wat u altijd al hebt willen weten over het Afrika-Studiecentrum A.

Interactive forest governance to conflict management in Ghana M. Boere; A. Dijksterhuis; A. Dunselman; L. Nijzink; J. Afrikaanse landbouw A. Manifest voor een echt kennisbeleid A. Afrikaanse Leeuwen willen wereld veroveren A. En nu: Afrika! En nu Afrika! Zon achter de wolken A. Honger in de Hoorn : een drama in kaarten en grafieken A.

Silverlining Africa : From images of doom and gloom to glimmers of hope A. African engagements: on whose terms? Africa negotiating an emerging multi-polar world A.

Havnevik; M. Kaag; T. Lievelingslanden A. Ghanaians in Amsterdam, their 'good work back home' and and the importance of reciprocity A. Dietz; V. Mazzucato; M. Kabki; L. Afrika's Bevolkingsdynamiek A. Akinyoade; B. Kilama; J. Koester uw erfgoed A. Afro-agrohubs A. African engagements : Africa negotiating an emerging multipolar world Editors: A. Climate-based risks in cities A. Kurian; P. Migration and environment in Ghana: a cross-district analysis of human mobility and vegetation dynamics A. Forests, people and livelihoods: keynote lecture for year anniversary meeting Tropenbos Ghana, in Kumasi, on July 7, A.

Background to the themes of focus 4 : socio-economic dimensions of changing coastal systems: approaches to integrated research J. Berg; H. Wessel; A. Introduction I. Baud; J. Post; L. Wels; A. Afrika's internationale relaties A. Editors: O. Verkoren; A. Tracking Development: Summary of some major points during the panel sessions of the first public day of the third conference in Putrajaya, Malaysia, May A.

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Effective PhD supervision : mentorship and coaching A. Wadee; M. Keane; D. Conference file A. Ghanaians in Amsterdam and their 'good work back home' A. Wat wil de minister? Juist minister Koenders zou pal moeten staan voor de Nederlandse civilaterale traditie, maar dat doet hij niet A. Assessing interventions and change among presumed beneficiaries of 'development': a toppled perspective on impact evaluation A.

Editors: P. Essay: Wat vinden de Afrikanen zelf? Mannen waarderen een weg; vrouwen onderwijs A. Ecospace, humanspace and climate change A. Subjective truths : participatory development assessment A. Obeng; J. Obure; A. Ingenieursland Nederland kan nog heel wat leren van andere delta's : interview met Ton Dietz n.

Sahara als geobetisch monstrum en de weeping camel als geoforisch hoogtepunt A. The iconography of Tunisian postage stamps A. Editors: V. Mamadouh; S. Thissen; J. De vloek van de overvloed of de uitdaging van het tekort A. Scarcity of natural resources and pastoral conflicts in northern Kenya: an inquiry W.

Adano; K. Opening speech A. Optimistic determinism or explaining a miracle A. Gunning; A. Bos; A. Burger; A. Challenging both ends. Will agroforests vanish? The case of Damar agroforests in Indonesia K. Kusters; M. Belcher; P. Manalu; A. Nawir; E. Til ontwikkelingsdebat naar hoger niveau A. Van natuurlandschap tot risicomaatschappij : de geografie van de relatie tussen mens en milieu A.

Migrant involvement in community development : the case of the rural Ashanti Region, Ghana M. Kabki; V. Mazzucato; A. Spaan; A. Een moeizame reis A. Statement on policy coherence for development: aid, trade, investment, and other issues A. Barry; S. Borren; P.

Hoebink; T. Lambooy; H. Geography in the Netherlands A. Kraak; M. Restaurant guide for Simon's Town and around A. Kenia en de 'stammenstrijd' A. Serna Martin; A. Participatory monitoring and evaluation: lessons from anti-poverty interventions in Northern Ghana A. Zaal; J. Revisiting peripheral capitalism in Zambia A. Hebinck; S. Slootweg; L. Een beeld van stabiliteit : onlusten in Kenia A. Rutten; P. Participatory evaluation of development interventions for poverty alleviation among former pastoralists in West Pokot, Kenya. Andiema; A. Bryant; E. Makhanya; T. Geografisch onderzoek in Nederland : van goed tot excellent A.

Het is niet Kikuyu versus Luo A. Inzichten van milieugeografen en -planologen Editors: N. Bakker; A. Migration, the Dutch knowledge society and shame A. Ruimte voor milieu! Editors: N. Veldwerk is essentieel: interview with Ton Dietz by Floor Milikowski n. Postage stamps as manifestations of national identity : Germany and the Netherlands from to A. Ruimte voor milieu : inzichten van milieugeografen en -planologen Editors: N. Participatory evaluation of development interventions in a vulnerable environment West Pokot, Kenya A.

Deutschland und die Niederlande von bis A. Ontwikkelingshulp kan beter P. Hoebink; S. Borren; A. Dimensions of vulnerability of livelihoods in less-favoured areas: interplay between the individual and the collective J. Brons; A. Niehof; K. Ruben; J. Pender; A. Schokland, a dream come true, but what about Africa? Hydro-logic : poverty, heterogeneity and cooperation on the commons M. Kurian; A. De Juiste Maat? Masterclass Politiek ontwikkelingssamenwerking A. World poverty A. Editors: S. Wonink; M. Kok; H. Jansen; A. Adaptation to climate change in the drylands of West Africa A. Participatory evaluation of development interventions in a vulnerable environment A.

African forests between nature and livelihood resources : balancing between conservation and development needs M. Nederland-Duitsland: topper met tanden : interview met Ton Dietz A. Postzegels als manifestatie van veranderende nationale identiteit; Duitsland en Nederland van tot A. Helmsing; P. Postzegels als identiteitsboodschappers : een vergelijking van Duitsland en Nederland A. Postzegels als miniaturen van de Duitse en Nederlandse sport ziel A. Conjunctions of governance : the state and the conservation-development nexus in Southern Africa B.

Reconciling conservation goals and livelihood needs: new forest management perspectives in the 21st century M. Household fluidity and family networks, methodological challenges A. Whither development geography? Comments on Rob Potter A. Carrying capacity dynamics, livestock commercialisation and land degradation in Mongolia's free market era A. Amgalan; T. Erdenechuluun; S. Leliveld; S. Zanen; F. Faltas; M. Salih; D. Winslow; B. Stolte van Empelen. Natural resources and conflicts in pastoral areas A.

World poverty as a cross-cutting issue A. African forests between nature and livelihood resource : interdisciplinary studies in conservation and forest management Editors: M. Meten van onderzoeksprestaties kan heel goed en biedt reflectie A. Rule compliance in participatory watershed management: is it a sufficient guarantee of sustainable livelihoods? Impact of climate change on drylands in West Africa A.

Donner; P. How pro-poor are participatory watershed management projects? Sustainable forests and livelihoods: romantic illusion or environmental and social necessity? Adano; J. Development: an obsolete illusion or obvious challenges for the new century? The world's drylands: a classification A. Dietz; E. Ruben; A.

Climate change preparedness in West Africa A. Verhagen; S. Dittoh; M. Millar; E. Ofori-Sarpong; H.

Marx & Engels Collected Works Volume 50_ Ka - Karl Marx

Saley; N. Cultural differences : Dutch culture in context A. Climate deterioration and regional specificity : regionally differentiated portfolios of options for drylands A. Sahelian livelihoods and the rebound: a critical analysis of rainfall, drought index and yields in Sahelian agriculture A. Brons; K. Irrigation and collective action : a study in method with reference to the Shiwalik Hills, Haryana M. Climate and livelihood change in North East Ghana A. Millar; S. Dittoh; F. Obeng; E. Public-private partnerships in watershed management-evidence from the Himalayan foothills M. Dilemma's in de medische ontwikkelingssamenwerking A.

Mertens; K.


Population dynamics A. Energy and environment A.

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Sahelian livelihoods on the rebound A. A literature survey about risk and vulnerability in drylands, with a focus on the Sahel K. Participatory evaluation of development interventions for poverty alleviation among former pastoralists in West Pokot,Kenya R. Conceptualising economic change inpastoral societies under pressure, with four Kenyan case studies: the Pokot, the Maasai, the Somali and the situation in Marsabit A.

Nunow; W. Adano; F. Type of Publication: Review. Challenging Dutch aid: from practice to policy A. Rule compliance in participatory watershed management. Is it a sufficient guarantee of sustainable rural livelihoods? Reflectiearmoede A. Hoe de wereld van Novib een stukje kleiner werd B.

Teune; A. Rapport de synthese final d'une evaluation des activites des CFA pour la lutte contre la pauvrete au Sahel A. Broekhuis; A. Obeng; Y. Toure; C. Stellingen A. Etatisme tegen beter weten in. In discussie met Roel vander Veen: Wat is er mis met Afrika? Irrigation and collective action: a study in method with reference to the Shiwalik Hills, Haryana M. Scaling-up participatory watershed management: evidence from Himalayan foothills M.

Land use and tenure: entitlement rights for community-based wildlife and forest conservation in Taita Taveta, Kenya. Njogu; A. Climate change and food security in the drylands of West Africa J. Verhagen; A. Dolman; A. Verhagen; C. Dutch academic geography and Africa A. Foeken; K. Public private partnerships in watershed management : evidence from the Himalayan foothills M. De ontwikkelingsgeografische traditie.

Van nuttige exotica, via ontwikkelingsvraagstukken naar globalisering A. Editors: H. Knippenberg; M. Obeng; K. Rapportcijfers geografisch onderzoek: een repliek A. Dutch geography and Africa Editors: A. Globalisering geografisch getoetst A. By the Grace of God The provisioning of African cities, with Ouagadougou as a case study A. Samenvattende opmerkingen n. Access to energy services for the rural poor M. Snel; M. Baumeister; A. Kusters; H. Pronk; W. Rijssenbeek; J.

Impact study co-funding agencies in the Sahel: section about observed and perceived trends of change in the Sahel A. Hultsch, Griech. Metrologie 2 ; Gewichte des Altertums ; C. Lehmann, articles in Verhandl. Heiss, Monn. Muret and M. Chabouillet, Catal. Evans, Ancient British Coins , Carelli, Num. Garrucci, Mon. Sambon, Monn. Head, Coinage of Syracuse ; A. Evans, articles in Num. Siciliens , ; G. Hill, Coins of Ancient Sicily Burachkov, Greek Colonies in S. Russia Russian, ; Berlin Museum Catalogue , i. Reinach, Trois royaumes d'Asie Mineure ; F.

Babelon, Inventaire de la coll. Waddington ; F. Waddington, Th. Reinach and E. Madden, Coins of the Jews ; E. Reinach, Jewish Coins trans. Hill, Dattari, Numi Augg. Alexandrini ; J. Mommsen, Hist.

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