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Circumstance If there is an emotional equivalent to getting doored by a parked car, Circumstance is it. But why is it so crushing?

Best of Lesbian Love 2014

Pariah Writer and director Dee Rees came on the scene as a force with her feature film debut, Pariah. The beautifully shot story focuses on Alike Adepero Oduye , a Brooklyn teen who is embracing her lesbian identity and looking for her first lover while taking heavy pushback from her mother about her masculine style — which obviously betrays her closeted sexual preferences.

It is one of the highest-profile — if not the highest-profile — black queer films of all time. Screw assisted living! These two are bolting for Canada so they can finally get married. What are men? I only see Robin Weigert serving up Julianne Moore domestic malaise realness. The sex scenes are visceral and intense, but are still somehow outmatched by the yearning Exarchopoulos is able to convey in her eyes. Be prepared to feel everything. Their highly choreographed relationship is a fascinating, sexy, and strange look at sexual power dynamics, and the opulent home Cynthia lives in makes for one hell of a stage for the movie to play out on.

Margarita With a Straw Written, directed, and produced by Indian filmmaker Shonali Bose, Margarita centers on Laila Kalki Koechlin , a teenage girl with cerebral palsy who takes a scholarship to attend New York University for a semester. During her time abroad, she falls for a blind activist named Khanum Sayani Gupta.

Rooney Mara plays Therese Belivet, a mousy shopgirl who manages to bewitch the classy and confident and semi-closeted married woman Carol Aird Cate Blanchett. Smith ultimately settled down with a man, Richard Morgan Mike Epps , but the movie puts into focus the racism, sexism, and colorism she confronted as a bisexual woman in the course of becoming an icon. Also, Air provides the score, so get ready for a whole vibe. The Handmaiden With The Handmaiden , Park Chan-wook delivered the greatest Shakespearean lesbian love story and long-con crime-caper period piece ever made.

Like all movies from the auteur, Handmaiden is dark and funny and occasionally brutal and smart and devastatingly beautiful. Kim Tae-ri and Kim Min-hee star as a pair of women who have too long lived under the rule of men, and while the two meet each other as marks in a scam, they come together as coconspirators in a most surprising way. Lovesong is an almost painfully understated movie that stars Riley Keough and Jena Malone as besties who become estranged after things like life and kids and marriage to subpar men get in the way. But when they reunite on the occasion of one getting married, it gives them a chance to realize affections that have been long-since buried.

Jessie Pinnick is Cyd, a girl spending the summer with her novelist aunt who meets and begins a relationship with a local barista named Katie Malic White.

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The focus on intimacy is twofold in Princess , with Cyd and Katie exploring each other as Cyd and her dear aunt deepen their relationship while relating about love and life. Page is Lucy, the daughter of a man about to die on death row, and Mara is Mercy, a woman who she meets at an anti-death-penalty vigil. Maybe Israeli director Tali Shalom-Ezer was worried lesbian dramas had lost their edge and needed higher stakes again! Do Not Disturb.

Forever Found. Jlee Meyer. Learning Curve. Rachel Spangler. Lyn Gardner. CHF 4. Heart of the Matter. KI Thompson. Jove Belle. September Canvas. Gun Brooke. Trails Merge. The Gravity Between Us. Kristen Zimmer. Magic in Our Hearts. Jeanne McCann. Gun Shy. Lori L. Love on Tap. Tales from Sea Glass Inn.

Just Physical. Damage Control. Mounting Evidence. You Make Me Tremble. Beyond the Ridge. Second to None. Love's Bounty. Mounting Danger.

Best Lesbian Romance 2014

The Heat of Angels. Lisa Girolami. Lay Down the Law. Making Time. Take Your Time. VK Powell. Heart of the Game. Backwards to Oregon. The Common Thread. Jaime Maddox. Visiting Hours. Tagan Shepard. A Reluctant Enterprise. Twice Lucky. Mardi Alexander. Making a Comeback. Julie Blair. Built to Last. Aurora Rey. Crashing Waves.

Graysen Morgen. In Every Cloud. Tina Michele. Perfect Partners. Maggie Cummings. The Courage to Try. Bad Girls and Sweet Kisses. Justice Served. Justice in the Shadows. Passionate Rivals. That setup certainly could have made for a fine inspirational Disney sports film, were it not for the brief lesbian sex scene and shots of hairless vaginas interspersed throughout. They had chemistry on screen. They had chemistry off screen. The two leads here seem almost too good for the genre, creating a tangible sense of history between these two women.

Unfortunately, what begins as a quiet little slice-of-life movie goes off the rails a bit at the end, undoing the steady build of the first half.

If you want to watch a campy gross-out gay comedy, this is the one I would suggest. Theirs was an affair in paradise—and none too soon. A year after college graduation, a pact reunites four gay men and a lesbian friend in New York City for a fateful Gay Pride weekend.

By this point in our little countdown, you may have noticed just how oppressively white the casts of most of these movies seem. Unlike Bear City , this is not a movie explicitly about being black and gay. But a pedestrian, at times preachy script bogs down an otherwise winning cast. Although it depicts transphobia, the movie somehow manages to maintain a rather light, romantic energy.

It sometimes comes off as clunkily pedantic—and the ending is rather saccharine—but as a whole, this movie is a sweet, likable romance. Part documentary, part arthouse acid trip, this is definitely a movie that seems very impressed with itself. The dude is pushing it with the quirk. What starts out as a sentimental coming-of-age flick makes good on its promise of a dark turn.

40 Essential Lesbian Romance Films

A surprisingly subdued entry from visionary pervert Bruce LaBruce. If nothing else, this movie will send you into an internet k-hole researching both of these insanely impressive women. As an architect, he knows what he wants. All that aside, though, In the Grayscale does have the distinction of having one of the best, and to my eyes most realistic, gay sex scene of any movie on this list. When Troy returns to Los Angeles after many years in Barcelona, he finds that his ex-boyfriend has begun dating a handsome South American immigrant.

A teen boy living in a small town on the Belgian coast finds his ordinary life take an unexpected turn when a handsome traveler blows through town. While I understand how difficult summing movies up in just a few sentences must be for whomever Netflix employs to write these synopses, that description makes very little sense, as there are few unexpected turns in this story. A struggling comedian has an affair with a handsome artist but soon realizes his new relationship threatens his friendship with his female flatmate. Taking quite a few cues from Andrew Bujalski and Joe Swanberg, Israeli director Tom Shkolnik manages to create an engrossing little flick, which is finally!

Two working-class gay men in a small Texas town experience love and loss as they search for meaning and romance in their sometimes isolated lives. The movie makes the curious choice of keeping its two protagonists separated for a lion's share of the movie until they meet via a recognizably awkward, yet electric scene that perfectly captures what an internet hookup actually looks like , but somehow this understated, economical approach to storytelling makes the abrupt ending feel rich in possibility. A very straightforward and beautiful coming-of-age tale.

This is a textured, unromantic look at life as a a teenager today, with all the anxiety and excitement that comes with it. A late-summer weekend gathering at the beach turns into a relationship quasi-workshop for three couples whose unspoken tensions rise to the surface. Another improvisational slice-of-life Swansbergian drama, this one exploring the tensions between three couples one gay, one lesbian and the other straight, how quaint! This frank drama centers on the relationship between two gay men who contemplate turning a passionate one-night stand into something more meaningful.

Henry Hart returns to Big Eden and winds up confronting his unrequited passion for his high school best friend and his feelings about being gay. This movie, more than any other on this list, nails the feel of an old-school, turn-of-the-millennium romcom. Nearly everyone in this rural town is not only accepting of the gay triangle brewing in their midst, but actively invested in it.

As in any classic romcom, the outcome of this love triangle is clear from the start, but each relationship is as exquisitely detailed as it would be in a Nora Ephron film. A butterfly expert and her housekeeper are in an intimate master-and-slave relationship but their elaborate romance is about to take a turn. Honestly, even if this movie were shit, it would hold a very special place in my heart for that description alone.

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A surprising love triangle forms when Bruno sets his eyes on Rai—especially since Bruno thought he was already in love with his girlfriend, Carla. A fairly traditional story of coming out and sexual awakening spins out into something decidedly less predictable. Angels of Sex managed to say something interesting about sexuality and non-monogamy without feeling like a message movie. While training for an important sporting event, teen athletes Sieger and Marc strike up a friendship that soon develops into something more passionate.

Like its protagonist, Boys is sweet and quiet. The movie evokes the intoxication you feel from those few hours you spend in isolation with another human, so perfectly in sync without ever having to say a word, and the look of contentment in your eyes after a perfect first kiss. A new classmate transforms the daily life of a blind teenager who longs for independence and disrupts his relationship with his best friend. With its clean YA plotting, keen observations, and measured pacing, this movie feels like a finely crafted John Green adaptation.

A lesbian couple escapes from their nursing home and heads to Canada to get married. Along the way, they pick up a young male hitchhiker. Is this a controversial choice for 1? No other movie I watched in the many hours I spent watching gay romances was as finely crafted as this one—not to mention that it stars two amazing and criminally underused actresses Brenda Fricker turns in a particularly brilliant performance and features brilliant visuals.