Addition and Condensation Polymerization Processes

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Therefore, to broaden the definition of condensation polymerization to include the urethane, the term "step-growth" polymerization should be used to include both the traditional condensation polymerization process as well as polymerization process similar to the formation of urethane groups.

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Step-Growth polymerization without the formation of a condensation product. Addition polymerization is a free radical reaction during which carbon double bonds are opened and allowed to react with each other to form long chains.

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The step-growth polymerization reaction is slower than the addition polymerization reaction process. Most polymers shrink during the polymerization reaction.


The reason is simply that the monomer molecules come closer during the polymerization reaction. Polysulfide impression materials set via a condensation reaction.

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During the setting reaction, lead peroxide reacts with the -SH groups. When two such -SH groups are close to each other, the lead peroxide donates an oxygen atom. Houben-Weyl, Methoden der organischen Chemie, Vol. Allen, J.

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Guenter, in J. Lal, J. Deutsches Kunststoff-Institut Darmstadt Germany 2. Wiesbaden Germany 3.

Residual Monomer in Radical vs. Condensation Polymerization Techniques

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