A World to Win (Lanny Budd, Book 7)

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Holy anniversary! Displays of bat signal fete Batman at 80 It's no joker. Thanks for your comment, Lady Ace. I think the first two books need to be read before Dragon's Teeth. And then if you are still interested to see what Lanny Budd ends up doing as the war approaches, it's probably best to read the series in order.

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I will probably start on book four after I finish my current book. It is interesting to consider that Sinclair was writing the series as the war unfolded and that he probably thought he was making a contribution to the victory over Fascism through the Lanny Budd series.

Thanks for the great post! I got excited when I first saw the title, thinking that it would have something to do with China.

A World to Win

Someday I'll have time to delve into a series like this. And I think that your concluding question is compelling and one that those in power should consider--the pains of never learning from history or not basing choices on how they will affect generations to come often seem totally irrelevant to most of them. Thanks again for the thought-provoking post!

Thursday, January 16, The Lanny Budd series includes the following novels:. World's End , Between Two Worlds , Dragon's Teeth , Wide Is the Gate , Europe, As war rages across the continent, America watches anxiously from the sidelines.

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And President Franklin Roosevelt has been keeping an even closer eye on developments in the Third Reich. Espionage is a dangerous game, however, and Presidential Agent soon finds himself a target of the French Resistance fighters he is attempting to assist. On a trip to London, Lanny avoids death during a Luftwaffe bombing raid and takes part in the capture of Rudolf Hess.